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Question DetailsAsked on 3/2/2015

Any reviews on Leaf Filter Gutter Protection?

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12 Answers


As a former Leaf Filter (LF) and Gutter Topper Dealer I suggest LF is far superior to all reverse curve systems,Leaf Guard, Gutter Topper, etc. All of these leave an opening to allow water in that allows small debris to follow the curve. With a fixed cover it is virtually impossible to clean them. The big boys attempt to mask this problem with a bogus claim that the dealer will clean your gutters for free. Why Bogus? Because the cleaning goes away when the dealer goes out of business. Right here in Nebr I have seen 6 dealers with that warranty go out of business.

LF was invented by Alex Higgenbotham & comes with a non transferable price of the materials refund if the gutter clogs and the LF was installed correctly. I have installed jobs approaching a decade ago and here is what has happened. LF is constructed of 2 distinct materials, PVC (like siding) support and a stainless steel micromesh filter that is glued together. After 6+ years I am getting service calls from old customers when the filter and underbody come loose.

The system has always had the flaw of being a flat shelf allowing debris to sit on top of it and unfortunately LF will handle most but not a heavy rain. (Note I had it on my own home).

I suggest a better solution is Alex's latest invention MasterShield that carries a transferable 100% money back if your gutters clog. Not all areas have dealers but most will.

Jim Casper MasterShield dealer,Angie's List Super Service and BBB Intergrity Award winner.

ps for ideas see my website


Answered 3 years ago by jccasper


You can find lots of prior commentary as well on various gutter issues, , brands, sizes, and some typical cost info, in the Home > Gutters link right below your question.

Answered 3 years ago by LCD


You can find real LeafFilter customer reviews at and

Also, there is some incorrect information in a previous answer to this question. First, LeafFilter Gutter Protection comes with a 100% lifetime, transferable warranty. For more on LeafFilter’s warranty:

Second, LeafFilter does not act as a shelf – nothing will adhere or grow on LeafFilter’s stainless steel surgical grade system. LeafFilter uses the same material as what is utilized for a heart stent. Lastly, the underbody becoming loose from the filter is not typical for LeafFilter. If you notice any part of the system becoming unattached, you can contact LeafFilter’s service department at (800) 749-4566.

The problem with Mastershield is that it needs to be installed under your shingles, which can cause problems for your roof. Also, the pitch of Mastershield is dependent on the pitch of your roof. Steep roof? You'll have water overshooting your gutters completely. LeafFilter has been the #1 rated gutter protection for over 5 years now.

Answered 3 years ago by michaeljgoff16



Go to the website LF salesman referred and you will find-No warranty( who knows maybe they suddenly decided to add a warranty but that site does not show it),

LF is installed flat on the hangers that tie your gutters to your home,,

Flat equals a shelf, See "Ask the Builder" for what happens with a shelf & debris,,

PVC and stainless steel have a different expansion and contraction coeficients ie the products delaminate over time,, LF corperate will NOT service any jobs done prior to OCT 2014 when they told ever dealer in America only LeafFilter of Ohio will sell LF from then on

Heavy rain,, I do a sink test in most homes I go into and show the homeowner that LF handles LESS water than even the old design of a Reverse Curve ie Leaf Guard etc.

Go to Bestcovery and see which gutter cover is #1. MasterShield #2 LeafFilter*

*A great cover just not the best anymore

Jim Casper


Answered 3 years ago by jccasper


Our house is not close to trees. However, we have a couple areas where lots of water collects. The system has never worked since they installed it. Their solution has been to add a gutter on top of the gutter and roof to capture the extra water and it still isn't enough. On top of that, when I call them to have them look at it they give me a hard time and if I have to call them again, they are going to charge me to fix it. The extra gutters actually require more work and cleaning than the gutters without the covers.

In regards to a warranty, they "fix" it in the worst way. Then if it still doesn't work, they start charging you to fix it.

Answered 1 year ago by kboers


We had our Leaf Filters installed Last October 2016 along with brand new gutters at the same time. We have had nothing but problems with little or no help from the sales guy or the installers. I am contemplating contacting the BBB at this point as every single time it rains there is this heavy drip drip drip all the way down the gutters (With not a steep pitch at all). They constantly drip over the top of the leaf filter which is why I know for a fact that they are a very very poor design. It is very annoying and very dangerous as last winter my wife's son went for a loop slipping on the stairs from the gutters dripping into a mound of ice at the top of our steps. Thankfully he is alright. The sales guy states that "The System Is Working Properly" and is also not responding to my texts anymore since I had to start a dispute with the finance company since I didn't want to pay for dripping gutters! I thought for sure they would investigate and at least contact me and hear my side of the story and maybe watch my many videos of the massive dripping over the leaf filter gutter and at least make them fix it but nope, they immediately somehow sided with the gutter guys. I am pretty sure the company is LEAF FILTER NORTH LLC. as I found them on Facebook and "Thought" it was a good idea. I recently texted the sales guy and asked him to please just take them off and throw them away! PLEASE! But he hasn't responded yet. Oh well, $2200 out the window for only 2 gutters! So BBB here I come if no response. I have to at least try.

Answered 1 year ago by Armand


I had the leaf filter system installed on my home a year ago and this spring I noticed the water was flowing over the gutters and not in . I climbed up on the roof and noticed all the debris has accumulated on top of the screen and it's rockhard it does not allow for the water to freely flow into the gutters the majority of it flows over the gutter . Would not recommend the system at all very unhappy !!!

Answered 1 year ago by Jabz67


Around May 20th 2017, I started having conversations with leaf filter representatives to work on fixing the latest issues of my installation, which was done late summer 2015 and has never worked. They scheduled a technician to come out to my house. The technician decided to come out early when I wasn't there and didn't have time to warn my family. He showed up without any identification on his vehicle freaking out my children. He proceeded to put up more splash guards that were chipped in places that weren't overflowing and none on the places that were overflowing. This is because I had to give him a rough description over the phone since I wasn't there. I arrived before he left, and he decided not to fix those things at this time since he wasn't going to be able to solve the point on the house with the worst overflow which already had splash guards.

At which point, I started having conversations with David, the operations manager. He didn't like what the technician had to say since it involved removing the filtration system, so he scheduled a time to come out when I couldn't be there. I told him I was not going to be able to be there, and he was fine with it since he just wanted to take pictures. He never showed up that day at all. He rescheduled about six hours after he was planned to be there. The next time he was scheduled, he again didn't show up and didn't reschedule until late. The third scheduled event he showed up late and woke my sick baby. He took pictures and left.

Then I started talking to Michael who is higher up in the company. He has told me several times that he is scheduling someone to come out and take more pictures. When I was able to get through to him, he kept telling me he would open a ticket for me. Now neither Michael nor David answer my calls. There is nothing scheduled and what is on my house is doing damage to the siding of the house and causing water to move into the crawl space. To get to this point, I have had to call them nearly weekly/ sometimes daily just to get to this point.

The installation causes water overflow all around my house. It is damaging the siding and allowing water in my crawl space. Their solution is to put up a gutter on top of your gutter to catch water overflow and extension pipes that run across your roof. It is ugly and requires more maintenance than the original gutter. They have to be cleaned ot at least once a month to keep most of the water in the gutter.

Answered 12 months ago by kboers


Horrible. Salesman was as slick as they come, and because we were in a bad way after seeing rain pouring over the front of our house as a result of a clog, we felt we needed to take action. Installer - one guy - could not explain what he was installing because he literally spoke no english whatsoever. I had no visibility into the pre or post installation process because I cannot climb on to my roof (its very high) and because of the complete inability to engage the installer. When I complained to the "manager" I got hold of, I was assured an inspection would take place and I would be contacted. Nothing of the sort happened. After speaking to a contractor on a seperate matter, and referencing the experience and price ($1,099 for one span of gutters), i was informed "you got ripped off." If these guys contact you I'd look elsewhere.


Answered 10 months ago by ssavaglio


We had Leaf Filter gutter protection installed 2 years ago. We had a big problem with leaves, pine needles other debris stopping up our gutters. Since then there have been 2 hurricanes and a tropical storm with plenty of heavy long lasting rains here on the coast. They have out performed any other brands our neighbors have and we have not had to clean them out since they were installed.

Answered 9 months ago by beachrats


I have leaffilter on my home. It is not a shelf. I have a spare piece I asked them to leave me, and if you sit it flat there's still a slope to the top of it. I have had it on my house 7 years now and it's been amazing in every way. Not one problem. I recommend it to anyone who talks about home improvements. Almost all my family now has it and everyone of them feel the same. I've never been more impressed with any product I've ever purchased, as I am LeafFilter! I should be sending them Christmas cards yearly thanking them. Honestly, if you don't buy this, you should rethink your decision!

Answered 8 months ago by HeatberCarr


I had the leaf filter system installed on my home a year ago and this spring I noticed the water was flowing over the gutters and not in . I climbed up on the roof and noticed all the debris has accumulated on top of the screen and it's rockhard it does not allow for the water to freely flow into the gutters the majority of it flows over the gutter . Would not recommend the system at all very unhappy !!! After I wrote the previous review a Leaf filter rep was at my home the next business day up on my roof chiseling away the debri that had hardened on top of the leaf filter which filled a five gallon bucket!! Well here it is only a few months later and it is presently raining out and again the water is flowing over the gutters not in! So here is a few pictures to show that the rain does not wash away the debri that accumulates on top of the filter system as the company says it does....

I cry every time I think about how much money we spent on this product only to not have it work as the company said it would. My gutters worked better before this was ever installed. I still would not recommend this product and still very unhappy!

Answered 8 months ago by Jabz67

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