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Question DetailsAsked on 8/1/2013

Is a reputable company

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17 Answers

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They are a scam and don't fall for it like I did, which I regret! Now i'm out to warn others against sending your old devices aren't stolen from these guys too! They flood the web with what appears to be legitimate reviews and articles but they are all fake, part of their scheme. They'll seem to beat the competition, spam you till you mail in your device, route it through some fake Indiana distribution center to kill time, and then you'll get an email that says to contact them. If you ever try to call, you'll never get through to a live person because they intend to keep your device forever without giving you a dime. They also go to,,, and There are real companies that take old devices but this one is an absolute SCAM!

Answered 1 year ago by kyw


I presume you have searched the list to see if reviews or ratings on them pop up ?

A good quick and dirty way to check out a company is to google their name with complaint added on, like this - ecyclebest complaints

If they have any significant number of complaints against them, the first page of results will be filled with them, and complaint and scam logging sites will have articles on them. In this case, the first page comes up apparently clean - a good sign. Proceed with your investigation from there with BBB rating, etc, but unless they are brand new, it is rare for complaints to not pop up using that technique.

Answered 1 year ago by LCD


No, they are not. In California alone hte Better Business Bureau has ore than 300 complaints against them. They use their own domain and make up "fake" subsites so when you google the company, it display all these results were customers rave how goog they are but when you look at the URL - it's all their own domain.

They quoted me 175.00 in a 32 GB Samsung Galaxy SIII and 180.00 on a 32 GB Galaxy Note 10.1. That was already low ball. Both items were 6 months old. I sent both items in their original manufacturer boxes with all the accessories. Both items had been in protective sleeves from Day one. For both items I even sent the protective sleeves with them, for the note it was one that allows it to stand etc. I thought that was pretty nice of me.

Took them more than 1 week aver they received it to admit that they had gotten it. You try calling them - you'll never get through. A male announcer will tell you that there's heavy call volume and you are only left with the option to leave your number and someone will call you back. If you keep staying on the line, it disconnects you after 1 hour so you have no other option.

After 2 days they finally called and claimed that the items were not in prestine condition, had scratches and they supposedly did not receive them in the original boxes with accessories. They claimed they were in used condition with scratches and they offered 160.00 for both items.

I asked for both items back and told them that I am an attorney and have credible witness to attest in what conditions the items were and also of all the accessories and original boxes and that I also took photos of all before I shipped.

Then I was told they would "re-evaluate" and had to ask "the manager".

The next day they came back and quoted 220.00 for both items.


They will lure you with high bids but once they get your stuff, they will low-ball you and try to rip you off. Similar companies are not much better. When you ship the items, they come with the same scam and when you ask for the items back in the condition they were - all they will send back is your phone/notebook, in an envelope with bubble wrap. You won't get your original boxes or accessories back. They will tell you "we don't keep the accessories or boxes the customers send".

I think a TV station should to an investigative report on those scams. I notified my local TV station, I suggerst you do the same.

Answered 6 months ago by Schlumfina


Total fraud. Offered $163 PAID $25. Gallaxy s3 in good condition with 2 good batteries and both chargers. said they would call with final offer but nevr called or emailed with offer just sent $25 to paypal and won't respond. Phone has been disconnected. All fake positive reviews. All real reviews are negative.

Source: Jack of Arkansas

Answered 5 months ago by Jackboards


I sold ecyclebest my iphone 4s 16gb from sprint which they quoted me 123.00 for. Whenni recieved my check it was for 18.00. I then called customer service and they stated "the market dropped" eventhough you can go to their website and get the exact same quote for 123.00 today. They then said they would mail me another check for 40.00 because I was not happy. I decided to contact the better business Bureau and they resolved the issue by getting me another check for 65.00 which will total 123.00. They are a scam I will never use them again.or refer a friend with their bogus 10.00 gift card they send you. Stay away.

Answered 5 months ago by texasgirl85


Beware this company. They will rip you off. They promised me 100.00 for my iPhone and only gave me 10.00. When you try to contact them, you only get a recording.

Answered 4 months ago by aneasbitt


they are actually a huge scam!!! They quoted me 300 dollars. I got 46 dollar check. No one in customer service will answer you, they just keep you on hold for hours (litteraly) My phone was a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 800 dollar phone. Stear clear of them, they get you by giving you a high quote and then sending you what ever they think they want to. i will be filing a complaint and claim against this company.

Answered 4 months ago by tdufffee


RIPOFF! Pure bait & switch! I was quoted $357 for my ATT iphone 5s. This was a flawless condition device that was repacked in the original box! and sent to them. The email address was transposed and my payment was lost...imagine that! Two months later I finally after multiple messages get a real live person. He confirms the error and says payment will be sent to my paypal account. I confirmed the amount! Next day I see $55. Then I spend two days leaving unanswered messages. Finally I get Monty Hall who want to make a deal because he sees more value in this item! AND he says the market has fallen on this particular model. Crock of crap! He fianlly gets up to $225. But only after he states he cannot exceed $200. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered 3 months ago by Hunter001


NO! IT IS NOT! I went by both your and cnet's stating this was a reputable company and am still fighting to get my phone back. They are a total scam and according to the Washoe County Sheriff's Dept in NV where they are located, there have been more than 230 fraud complaints about this company filed in the past month from all over the US. C-net has retracted their recommmendations. Enough said.

Answered 3 months ago by campcop1


COMPLETE RIPOFF!!!! I was quoted $180 for a very new, hardly used Win7 laptop. My sister only used it a few weeks and got $24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And good luck getting a hold of them. On hold for hours.

Email you do get a response but you have to go through customer service which ends up being on hold again.

Very upset. Don't do!!! Trade it into Amazon or other trading places or sell on ebay.

This is very upsetting!!!!

Answered 3 months ago by Guest_95118003


Absolutely NOT. On 8/17/14, I mailed my Samsung S3 that was in fine working order, no

scratches along with a charger and case to them as promised. They had quoted me online

$133.00 trade-in. 4 or 5 days later I received a $20 check and a thank you letter. I have

been trying unsuccessfully to reach them by phone to explain where my other $113 is, and

have been put on hold after a recording where no one answers. I am very upset at this act

of fraud on the public, and will be contacting the attorney generals office (fraud division)

to see if they can help.

sincerely Jim Brown

407 682-5883

Answered 3 months ago by Guest_9479634


I used this company and will never use them again. No one should. My experience was awful. They will quote you a high price to get you to send them your electronics. Then they turn around and give you pennies on the dollar. Then you have to spend weeks to try and contact them and negotiate a better deal and you end up with a few more dollars. USE THEM AT YOUR ON RISK.

Source: own experience

Answered 3 months ago by matt305w



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Thanks for your question and we look forward to assisting you!

Answered 3 months ago by Member Services


NOOOOO!!!!!!!! They are rip off artists. I sent them a phone that was 3 weeks old, I took it out of the box and put it straight into an otterbox case. It still had the protective film except for on the screen, and they try and tell me that the phone had heavy wear on it after less than 16hrs of use and sent me a check for 27 dollars after an initial quote of 173 dollars. Then they tell me that they can not send the phone back because I did not answer an email that didn't tell me the new price, just that my check had been shipped. I for one wil never use this company or any affiliates it may have and I strongly reccomend that no one else does either

Answered 2 months ago by dj226918


NO!!!!! Ecyclebest is a scam. They offered me $350 for 3 devices. When they got my stuff they offered $72 and refused to return my stuff. Also, they won't take email to request a return. You have to call a paid phone line and sit on hold. They never answer and charge you for waiting.

Avoid these guys at all costs. There are complaints, lawsuits, and federal fraud investigations pending against them.

Answered 26 days ago by Goldenhawk


A class action lawsuit is in the process. However, the more information we can gather the better. Please submit all of your information/situation to

They (ecyclebest) depend on us just "letting it go" and not putting any kind of effort into making this right. At some point we need to take a stand and not let them bully us any further. Please contact and submit all of your information and explain your experience with ecyclebest.

Source: Concerned in Arizona

Answered 25 days ago by ToddLatel


STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!! I made the same mistake as others and got scammed! I'm just pre warning the public don't get ripped off by this company. Please don't make the same mistake i did and lost $250 in the deal and they sold my iphone before we even agreed on a price! Please stay away from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered 9 days ago by Ricker


This company is a scam. They told me they would pay me $80 for my laptop. I was also told if I was unsatisfied in any way they would return it at no cost to me. Now they offered me $6. When I wrote back, both directly and through their website, as well as called multiple times, I cannot reach anyone. They have stolen my property and refuse to return it. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, as well as a theft report with their local police department. This company is stealing from people and giving false advertising - stay away!

Answered 3 days ago by bebe1cal

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