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Question DetailsAsked on 5/24/2011

Any creative ideas to quiet barking dogs?

We have a lovely neighborhood (54) homes with a lot of pet owners. There is one house that has 6 cocker spaniels that bark all day and all night. The owners work at night and they really are terribly noisy. They get very hostile if anyone complains. The sherrif has been out to see them many times. We are exhasperated!

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13 Answers


Hi msmelly!

I have four dogs and I am annoyed for you. Pet owners must take responsibility for their pets...dogs, cats, kids (oops, that's another story!). Dogs will bark... that is just their nature, but excessive barking must be dealt with by the their owner. Your neighbors have chosen to have six dogs and live in a community in close proximity to others. Since they have chosen to live in the community, they must abide by the rules like everyone else so everyone may live in peace. That includes controlling their barking dogs. If the owners get hostile, that is their problem. It is they who are in the wrong.

I am wondering why six Cockers are left outside all night, because cockers are usually indoor dogs. Does your neighbor have a kennel? Are they breeding these dogs? Are there any town ordinances about the number of dogs that can live at one residence without being class as a kennel? If so, your neighbors may be in violation of zoning laws.

As Mike suggested, there are usually noise ordinances that can be inforced. And he is also correct in that it is time the local officials take action. You and your other noisy-weary neighbors may have to insist that the officials do their job.

Good luck!

Aton Woods

Answered 9 years ago by AtonWoods


6 Cockers! Are they running a puppy mill or what?

In the old days you could grab your gun or posioned meat to silence the nuisence(s). But now days with PETA and the close proximity of dwellings/populations many cities (like mine) have ordinances that limit the number of pets at a residence. If you exceed the limit you will given 30 days to comply with the ordiance, if you fail to do so you will be fined. If that doesn't do the trick Animal Control will remove the pet(s).

Press the issue through your home owners association, city council and the city ordinances if applicable.

Answered 9 years ago by HolmesonHomes


They are obviously jerks. I own one large dog (about 100lbs) and 2 cats. I would be mortified if a neighbor complained about my dog barking. Mind you, dogs are dogs and dogs tend to bark, but anything over 2 minutes unless the owners or neighbors are in peril is just lack of consideration. Try to train them yourself if your land backs theirs. Even older dogs are eager to learn with the right treats. One of my neighbor's dogs was absolutely wild and it only took 15 minutes to teach it to sit and stay on command. I should mention that I had to time to train it since they let it run wild off leash whenever it wanted and it usually wound up in my yard to play with my dog.

PS, I have yet to meet a dog or cat that would not give its hind legs for a Bil Jac liver treat. They are available at Petsmart for a very reasonable price.

Answered 9 years ago by Skwirl


check the neighborhood only allows 2 dogs and we get ticketed if animal control comes out more than once.

Answered 9 years ago by rjrgemmell



The idea that you actually thought it was appropriate to post that "in the old days" you could shoot or poison a neighbor's animals is disgusting. The fact that this method isn't socially accepted has very little to do with extremist groups such as PETA and more to do with what is morally and legally right. Most people do not feel it's appropriate to go around killing animals (let alone pets) for pure sport, convenience, or malice and the constitution doesn't feel it is appropriate to destroy another's private property.

Back to the original post, 6 dogs in one house in any kind of incorporated city or town doesn't sound kosher. I spent 8 years in the military and moved around a lot. Most HOA-governed communities either didn't allow dogs at all, or had a limit at 2. Most towns I lived in had a limit of, I believe, 3 or 4 dogs before the house was determined to be a kennel and had to be licensed as such.

As mentioned before, continue to pursue this issue through local law enforcement and city hall. With time, I'm sure there will be some kind of resolution. Additionally, you could pursue a case through small claims against these people. This would involve keeping a log of everytime the dogs barked and for what time, video/audio recordings, statements from your neighbors, and proof that you have brought this issue to the dog owners' attention and they didn't do anything about it. Good luck!

Answered 9 years ago by revamp


Everyone had good suggestions. I feel sorry for the dogs! Maybe contact your local SPCA or Humane Society.

There is one thing that I have done that works, but you could get in a little trouble :-) You said the people work at night, and are gone, so the dogs bark all night? I have had success with this method in the same situation.

Record the dogs barking (I used a portable boom box with big speakers). Record a whole tape or CD of the dogs barking--and play it back when the owners are at home, preferably when they are trying to sleep.

If the sherriff comes out, you can explain you are only playing what you hear every night--from their house. If they say quit it, you can do that, but usually any noise ordinances don't apply during the day; you can play music or whatever, and if you happen to like listening to dogs bark, WELL then :-)

One Christmas I played the dogs barking "Jingle Bells" song outside when their dog was barking continiously, and the neighbors took the finally dog inside! Poor dog was so confused by that song, he would bark, stop, bark, stop. LOL

Tell the neighbors you will quit playing it back when they take care of the poor dogs so they are not barking because they are lonely.

Bad people...that don't take care of their animals. It's not the dogs fault.

Answered 9 years ago by DiMost


I'm dealing with the same issue. The root problem is that anyone who would allow their dog to bark (and anyone who would leave their dog outside all the time) is by nature an inconsiderate person. Therefore, asking them to be considerate isn't going to have much effect. There are laws about barking dogs on the books, and there are statutes which state we all have a right to quiet enjoyment of the premises. But even supposing a police person could be interested in the situation, what is it going to do to neighbor relations after the police leave? We have left voicemails on this person's phone telling them about the problem and asking that they control their dog, without result. Next step is probably a certified letter. But then what? It's such a huge irritant, and it truly does affect our quality of life.

Answered 9 years ago by Commonsense


While I question Small Claims Court is an option, I agree that nuisance barking must be brought to the attention of authorities. Excessive barking is a symptom of neglect.

In my area, private residence occupants are limited to 4 adult pets (dogs, cats or pot belly pigs). lol, I learned pot belly pigs are considered pets after a neighbor questioned why I had 3 large NON BARKER dogs; he shut up when I told him I was considering adding a pig (white lie) :) Our small city enacted noise abatement regulations = enforced by police code enforcement officer, Too many dogs or neglected dogs/cats must be reported to the county animal control officer who will send someone to check the validity of the complaint.

Have you called law enforcement's non emergency line to have the operator listen to the barking> I did. That neighbor found a warning posted on his door. 2 warnings without correcting the problem ramps up to a fine and potential confiscation of the pet(s).

Answered 9 years ago by tessa89


Had the same exact issue. Including the hostile -- and scary neighbors. Our neighbors frankly frightern us completely. They are punks. Sheriff and police cars (multiple at a time) have been outside their house many time in the few short years we have lived here. And we know of one situation where they assaulted a "friend" in broad daylight that resulted in an arrest of one of the residents. Needless to say these are not people we felt too comfortable compaining to about their dogs.

But their one pit bull in particular was an incredible nuisance. He too was kept outside day and night and barked constantly. Loud and persistently. It got to the point where we didn't even want to spend time at home. We did go over to the neighbors twice to complain when it continued after 10 pm, but after so many incidents we no longer felt comfortable (or that it was effective) to go to them personally.

Does your area have an HOA? We filed a complaint with the HOA and they informed us that we weren't the only ones who had complained about the dog. In fact, the HOA was assembling a legal case against the family to have the dog removed from the premesis completely. As a dog owner, that made me feel better - -with the hope that maybe the dog would be placed in a better home with a more attentive family. Because although we cursed the dog, we know it wasn't his fault. It was the owners to blame.

We live in a suburban Ward Cleaver type area so were shocked that this behavior with these residents was tolerated... and I'm happy to say that it wasn't for long. We haven't seen or heard the dog in months now, so I believe the case to remove the dog was successful.

The moral of the story is -- go to the proper officials or HOA if you have one. This problem will not resolve itself if you wait and see. But if you are afraid of going to your neighbors yourself, admit your desire for anonymity and why when you file your complaint. You should not be forced to live in unpleasant conditions like that when you pay your taxes, your HOA dues, etc.

Good luck and be persistent!

Answered 9 years ago by Hope91


Sorry your first post with us has to be on such an annoying subject. The sites I usually visit looking for help with my dog's behavior confirmed my's the nature of that particular beast. A good summary is HERE.

Having the sheriff visit with them is likely your only remedy unless someone has a "fix" that neighbors can apply without touching the dogs or going over/through the fence. I presume they live outside...since the owners probably don't want the excited urination happening in the house.

Are there noise ordinances where you live? If so, it could be that you will have to just insist that your local government enforce them - - presumes that they have any "teeth" in them.

Good luck 'n welcome!

Answered 9 years ago by Old Grouch


[quote user="AtonWoods"]

...owners must take responsibility for their pets...dogs, cats, kids (oops, that's another story!).



Answered 9 years ago by Old Grouch


Just went thru the barking dogs all day and night! I approched the people several times, wrote a nice letter, then had to call the authorities several times. In our city, after reporting the problem, they are visited by ASPCA, given a written notice with a warning. nothing changed for a year. I was advised by the same authority to start logging times of noise, record the barking, and get some statements from neighbors. THe authority would then summon them to court and force a change. Before we got there, I told them the procedure and let them know that I was recoding and had 10 letters! dogs were gone in a week. I felt bad that they gave them away but it was not a good place for them, very neglected, bored and not up to date with vaccination either. But the barking was gone. I could open my windows and sit on my deck again!

Answered 7 years ago by jmazurek1961


Go online and look for dog barking and there's a device that has sends out a sound that will work in a range of 100 yards (got mine at Amazon). Sorry cannot remember name of product however it really works.

Answered 7 years ago by Guest_94105372

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