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Question DetailsAsked on 6/10/2011

Any one have any opinions on the Tuff Shed storage sheds available from the Home Depot?

I was looking at getting the bare bones 8 x 8 model and wondered if any one had any opinions either way. Thanks.

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17 Answers


If you have the time and skill, you can build a better structure for considerably less. Several years ago we built a slightly smaller storage shed (no doors) - total cost for all lumber, roofing material & paint $800.

Abouit the same time a neighbor had TuffShed Co install one - sorry we didn't compare costs!

Answered 9 years ago by tessa89


We got an 8X12 Tuff Shed through Home Depot a little over a year ago. I think Tuff Shed is a good company, but my experience trying to get the order placed through Home Depot was abysmal. HD didn't seem to know anything about the sheds. But I finally got the order placed.

I know these arent' the cheapest sheds around, but if you don't get all the hugely overpriced upgrades (windows, ramps, etc.) I think the price is pretty good for what you get. One thing that makes Tuff Shed a good product is that the supports are steel beams. They use thicker plywood throughout than other shed companies, and our experience was that their team was very good. We also ordered our shed pre-painted, which was our one extravagance. I'd painted a shed previously, and that textured material is not all that easy to paint so I was willing to pay for that. The paint job was very good, and they did touch-ups after they put the shed up. I also asked for some paint for future touch-ups, which they gave me.

One thing HD didn't tell me - but which I found out on Tuff Shed's website - was that I could pick any color of shingles, which I did. We also bought our own spiffy little turbine for the top of the shed (from HD also, I think, or maybe from Lowe's) for about $25 and installed it and a vent in the back of the shed in a couple of hours.

All in all we've been very happy with our Tuff-Shed and we'd buy one again. These sheds are not cheap, but if you have to look at your shed day in and day out you don't want one that looks cheap.

Answered 9 years ago by Commonsense


Thanks for the input re: paint. I wasn't going to pop for that and just paint it myself, but you've got a point. And I was planning on recycling some of the old shelves from the current shed (save some $).

Answered 9 years ago by Chastity1053


I have two Tuff Sheds. Both are about 10 years old but in decent condition. They are comparable to something that an advanced do-it-yourselfer or contractor might build. I would purchase these direct and not from Home Depot. Home Depot does have a markup and if you purchase it from the Depot, you usually don't have the factory expert set it up but the low bidder HD sends (I have worked with HD contractors in the past and I have not been impressed) There is a Tuff Shed near 101 and Montague in Santa Clara, CA. (along with lots of other locations).

Answered 9 years ago by ETCH Engineer


Whatever you do, NEVER EVER buy a Tuff Shed! They have wasted more of my time and cost me so much money I am thinking about suing those A-holes for how they treat their customers. They basically half built an 8X12 shed and then not only did not fix it but just said that it was up to "standard" and left it at that. I have been fighting them for months to get my money back. Now they are going to send my money to collections.

Answered 6 years ago by Tdj23


I would like to say that I have had worse customer services experience but I can’t. Long story short I would never buy or suggest to someone I like to buy a tuff shed. Around every interaction the company tired to mislead or flat-out lie to me. I would have taken them to court but for a $3,000 shed seemed to not be worth the time nor the added grief. After 2 months of emails and phone calls I finally gave up on having my issues corrected. Largest of which they built my shed on my concrete patio and cracked it right down the middle. I was told all concrete cracks and the 3,500 pound shed didn’t cause it. You might be asking why did they build the shed on the patio, well because the measurements the sales person took were wrong and caused them to build it to move it back under the deck…they also damaged the siding when moving the shed back under my deck…GM told me there was no way they caused the damage to the bay window that sits 9 feet over the patio…(Shed was 9 feet tall) if that was the only problem I might have gotten over it but the other all shed is also a pile of boards and nails.

Some items that I find with the quality of my shed and how it was installed:

· The shed leaked within two weeks of being installed and damaged the floor.

· In less than a month I already have two roof shingles come unglued and pop-up

· The large door frame has many sections where the cripple studs don’t even touch the door header

· The large door itself is not level, leaving a large opening into the shed and the doors not to lineup

· Many of the nails holding the plywood didn’t hit the studs ( I found over 78 nails missed their target)

· The newly installed door trap was installed two different ways on the doors

· Because the shed was moved into place after it was put together the shed is not level causing the door to swing shut and flex in the flooring

Do yourself a favor and don’t deal with these people…there are many other companies that can do the job and do it right. I didn’t do my research and I am paying for it.

Answered 5 years ago by rdvl280


The tuff shed brand carried at Home Depot are descent quality. I have read several reviews on the Tuff Shed Brand and most were negative. I bought a Handy Home Shed which was cheapier than Tuff shed and I was able to assembly it myself.


Answered 5 years ago by storagesolutions360


they are the best.

Answered 4 years ago by Guest_93842084


Yes. I bought the 16 by 16 two floor shed. Wonderful choice. Ony issue was a leak in one window. Much better quality than ones at Lowes

Answered 4 years ago by Pops323


I had a Tuff Shed built through Home Depot and it took 2 months to get it built!

It is a 10' X10' and the cost was $2600.00 I had to either pull the permit or pay and additional

$260.00. They are extremely difficult to work with. They installed the roof very odd and it shows and to top it off they missed a shingle and the roofing nails are exposed. I'm still trying to get them to fix it. If I knew then what I know now I would not have chosen this route.

Not happy in South Daytona, Fl

Answered 4 years ago by JamesW


A Tuff Shed from Home Depot is different than one from an actual Tuff Shed Sales office. I love my Tuff Shed and the quality is better than any on the market. The sales people at a Tuff Shed store are more knowledgeable than a Home Depot employee, obviously... I recommend highly buying directly from the dealer. As I understand, the quality is higher and they have more options to customize. I guess the big box store sheds are dummied down a bit or maybe dummied down a lot! I recommend this to all my neighbors and family. My shed is my favorite purchase I have made in the last 5 years. Haven't even had to call on a warrantied repair yet!

Answered 3 years ago by Idaho22


i purchased a 10' x 12' Tuff Shed. They had to come out three times to finish the shed. The First time the wrong ridge vent (which I paid extra for) was sent for the job so they left without putting the roof on. When I called to ask when they would be back, customer service was surprised the shed was not done. The second time, they didn't send the correct ridge vent with the service tech. He added a ridge cap that was a foot too short and also the drip caps which were also a foot too short. The third time, the service tech added an additional piece to the ridge cap and drip caps - instead of adding one piece that was the right length. Please note if you order the ridge vent ($11/linear foot extra), it is only a ridge cap that sits on top of tar paper. It is NOT a ridge vent! I also have many nails that missed the studs. My shed is OK and will serve the purpose. However as I spent $5200, I expected better craftsmanship. Also, their customer service could use a lot of improvement. They are not very friendly and do not take ownership.

Answered 3 years ago by krlmin


Don't do it. I had them build a large building on property and they installed the foundation wrong and it would not pass code inspection. International code requires it to have poured footing and blocks/w tiedowns. I can't occupy and they refuse to replace it with the proper foundation. I have a $40,000 dollar structure I can't use till it is fixed. Turned over to Lawyer, but you know how it is with big business like Home Depot/Tuff Shed. A lousy way to treat a retired DISABLED COMBAT VETERAN. Just be warned

Source: Owner/Disabled Veteran Harold Brown

Answered 3 years ago by ki4fpr


Well, the quality of the building is excellent. The process of getting them to install, not good. Took a vacation day to meet them at my house, they called and wouldn't be able to make it there. So the next week I took another vacation day. They installed building, minus shingles and paint touch up along with shelf installations. Said they would be back, didn't show. I installed shelf, they finally came back and gm the in a metal roof for my trouble. Not a pleasant process at all.

Answered 2 years ago by Beanpats24


Product is great

Customer service is horrible

Answered 2 years ago by Guest_9729481


I ordered a Tuff Shed from Stanton Smith. He was helpful in the order phase but that's where it stopped. I was supposed to originally have the shed installed on 12/2-3 but then they called and said they'd install on 12/3--one day by having a double crew. On 12/3, they got a lot of the shed up but they got the wrong trusses. They promised they'd finish on Saturday. On Saturday, they got most of the way their except finishing all the shingles, skylight, getting a door set up properly. Then they went silent. Stanton didn't return my calls. I called corporate office. they didn't call back. finally Amy from Tuff Shed said they'd finish on 12/19. 12/19 came and went without a phone call, email and still no word. While I like what is up of the shed, I can't believe the fundamental lack of customer service. Avoid.

Answered 9 months ago by Guest_9435112


Virtually all TUFFSHED sheds have roofs that don't meet Building Code and roofing industry standards. Specifically, the 3/4" nails they use are too short, have little grip, and do not fully penetrate the deck. Consequently they are more prone to pop out, lifting and punching through shingles over time. If they would just use longer nails they could be Code compliant and provide a more reliable, longer lasting roof. If anyone doubts what I am saying, just GOOGLE "asphalt shingle roof nail length" and many technical articles will explain the problem with short nails. Short nails are junk and the mark of incompetent roofers.

Answered 4 months ago by JosephLG

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