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Question DetailsAsked on 6/16/2011

Denture nightmare

I had the worse experience ever. I went to get a new denture made and was told about Stamp denture clinic in Midland,ON. My first appointment was with Denturist Dawn Stamp, she did a repair on the denture that I had and advised me I really needed to get a new denture made. I agreed, because my denture was after all 10 years old. My second visit however, was with Denturist Vladimir Irodenko and that is where it started to go bad. I told him that a new denture was recommended so he starts doing the impression and telling me about the two different kinds of dentures, a regular one and a primium one. The primium is basically indestructable, and since I have had a problem with braking dentures, I oped for the primium one. He said that he would make sure that I was happy and if I was not, I would get my money back. At the first fitting that I went to I was stunned when he put them in and the teeth pointed in, I looked like a vampire or something. So I asked him to fix it, when he came back and I put them in I still found that they were pointing in, he told me that I just had to get use to them. I left, went home and asked my husband and son what they thought of them, when they stopped laughing they said that they looked like they were pointing in . The next day I phoned the office and told them that I was very unsatified and that I would like to get them fixed before the upcoming Easter holiday. She booked me for a week after Easter and was told that that was the best that they could do. Needless to say I had a lot of compents about them, and was absolutly embarassed through the whole holiday. I called the owner Dawn Stamp and told her what had happened and that I was really unsure of his ability to make the denture the way I wanted. She told me that my contract was with him and that he would have to be the one to talk to about fixing the problem because he is a inpendant denturist, it was her name on the building (he is not listed at all, so I thought that he worked for her) and any negitivity would affect her, after all it was her that I had gone to see and just gotten past on to him. I told him what the problem was and that I wanted it fixed he got mad and said that I should have said something before the finally fitting. He told me that Ms Stamp had talked to him, so he was upset, so for the rest of the appointment it was a bad attitude and sarcasime. I got the denture made and he kept up with the attitude,when I asked if I'm not happy would he give me my money back, he said no . I was never so glad to get out of there and I will never go there for anything ever again.

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5 Answers

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As a Dentist, I am sorry to hear about your denture nightmare and I know how frustrating that can be. I am surprised that your doctor wasn't willing to work with you on some type of solution. A few options would be either remaking the dentures once more, or offering to return some of the money and have you return the dentures. Unfortunately, the doctor has put in a lot of their time and lab expenses, but the patient also has time and money invested. You might try sending a letter re-explaining the problems you hand and offering an acceptible and fair solution. Be sure to keep a copy of it and any correspondence you receive from the Dental Office. In the event that you don't get anywhere, you have documentation of the problem.

At any point in the process, did they have you sign something saying you were happy with the denture set up? Some practitioners will document the patient's acceptance at the try-in appointment, before the denture is processed. At that time, changes in tooth arrangement, size and color can be made with minimal lab expense.

If the letter doesn't get you anywhere, you might try going to the governing body of the dental profession in your area. I am a dentist in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA. Here, we have the Missouri Dental Board (or the Dental Division of the Missouri Department of Professional Registration.) This is the entity that licenses us to perform our professional duties in our state. They often have a process to file complaints against a provider if you were unable to resolve the problem yourself. After your complaint is received, they will contact the doctor to get their side of the story, then try to mediate a solution between the two parties.

As far as a new set of dentures, you might seek out the services of a Prosthodontist (specializes in dentures and removable appliances - extra training and certification beyond general dentistry) or go to a local dental school. The students are supervised and checked off at each step by professionals. Most dental schools also treat patients through their faculty practices, and you can often get the services of a specialist at a lower price.

I hope this information is helpful to your situation, and I wish you well.

Beth Gehring, DDS
816 NW Vesper
Blue Springs, MO 64015 USA

Answered 9 years ago by DocBeth


Dear jacknd... I was very sad to hear about the problem you had with your dentures, but not surprised. The fabrication of dentures is actually a complex treatment, and requires many steps to create comfortable, functional dentures. That is why well made dentures are usually expensive. It is not always true that 'you get what you pay for', but certainly, if dentures are inexpensive, that means that many critical steps in the treatment are omitted to reduce cost. Most people are unaware that the most expensive part of making dentures is the time that the doctor spends working on them. A denturist is a techincian, not a doctor. They can make moulds and set teeth in plastic, but they are unqualified to deal with the complexities of muscular function, and proper esthetics. To complicate things further, modern dental schools are spending much less time educating doctors about how to make dentures, since dentures are becoming a less common treatment. The emphasis is now on saving teeth. I would recomend that if you seek further treatment, you seek a dentist who went to dental school no later than the 1970's (like me). We spent a long time perfecting our denture skils when I was attending University of Oregon Dental School. All the best, Dr. Stern (Philadelphia, PA)

Answered 9 years ago by Dr Thomas Stern


To Whom This May Concern,

I strongly believe, I have been a victim of faulty dental practice and cheat.
In the month of April, 2013 I reached out to Dr. Vxxx Ixxxxxxx at seeking professional dental services. The services included lower and upper bridges. On April 24, 2013 I had made an upfront payment of $1292, followed by a payment of $958 made on May 30, 2013, at which point, both bridges had been installed. Within a few days, the upper gums, where the bridge had been installed, began aching and bleeding. The lower bridge showed signs of damage to a healthy nearby tooth. I had brought this to Dr. Ixxxxxxx's attention immediately, whereas he, in turn, performed a corrective procedure. This procedure resulted in the lower bridge failing to sit and continuously falling out during chewing and the upper bridge continued to damage my gums. This was, once again, brought to Dr. Ixxxxxxx's attention. His response was to redo the entire job. By this time, you may imagine the continuous pain, discomfort and frustration I was experiencing. As agreed, Dr. Ixxxxxxx scheduled an appointment with me to begin the reconstruction process. However, on the day of the appointment, Dr. Ixxxxxxx sent a text message to my phone to notify me that the appointment had been canceled and that he decided to refund his services due to the failed job he had performed. Followed by this, was nothing. He does not return my phone calls, I have not received any refunds, I am in pain, I cannot eat solid foods, I have lost $2250 on services that resulted in two bridges laying in a box, unusable, while Dr. Ixxxxxxx maintains his dental license and continues to service clients.
Please provide any assistance or guidance towards the resolution of this matter.


Answered 7 years ago by igorlisovskiy


The first action you would want to take would be to leave a review - you can also discuss this matter over the phone by contacting our call center at 1-888-944-5478.

Call center hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:30am – 8:15pm ET
Sat: 8:30am – 3:00pm ET

Thanks so much!

Answered 7 years ago by KielH


Get an attorney and send a letter of intent to sue. Obtain your records and this can be settled in small claims for next to nothing. Most Dentist do not want to be sued or be reported to the local dental board.

You must start with a letter of intent to sue.

Answered 4 years ago by Guest_9563231


I am sorry about your experience with this denturist. I can not begin to fathom your level of frustration and embarassment you experienced, let alone monitary losses. The main reason I feel compelled to respond is the inaccurate information provided by Dr Stern. First and foremost, the problems you experienced had nothing to do with your provider's status as a denturist. This is a reflection of that particular practice's ethics and concern for you, the patient(or lack of ethics/concern). This poor treatment from this particular office could have happened at a general dentist's office, a prosthodontist, or (as it happened) a denturist. Dr Sterns assertion that your bad experience was the result of a lack of skill, education, or experience is off topic, factually inaccurate, and misleading. A denturist, like their general dentist counterparts are college educated and have passed a state board exam at a minimum. Many have post graduate degrees, fellowships, and are nationally examined and board certified. Either through ignorance or possibly deliberately, many dentists will attempt to confuse the public by stating that denturists are "Lab Technicians" some of which do not have formal university or college training. Although even many "Lab Tecnicians" are nationally certified(CDT) but, lack the formal education and licensure to provide oral prosthetics directly to the patient. While a lab technician has far more training, education, and experience in the actual construction of dentures than a DDS, a CDT(lab technician) lacks the clinical skills necessary to provide dentures directly to the patient. Unfortunately many dentists take advantage of this confusion to mislead the public to believe that a lab technician and a denturist are one in the same. I prefer to believe Dr Sterns statements are a result of being unaware of a denturist's qualifications. General dentists who have attended college in the last 4 decades or so have little or no education in removable prosthetics(dentures). Additionally, they also lack the daily hands on experience a denturist or prosthodontist posseses in the clinical and laboratory aspects of providing oral prosthetics to the public. The general dentist will take impressions(or delegate it to an assistant) and collect other information such as tooth shade and measurements to establish the bite relationship and mail it to a dental laboratory to actually make the dentures since he neither has the time or training to provide these services himself. I say this to inform you with accurate information regarding the profession of denturity. I in no way want to take anything away from Dr Stern or any other general dentist. However, after happening across this grossly inacurate information, a correction must be provided. I hope by now someone has helped you with your dentrure problems. I will provide sources below to support all of my statements regarding denturists. in Washington State one should check with the dept. of health Board of Denturists for accurate info regarding education, training, continuing education, state board exams, licensing, etc. Also, the National Denturist Assoc, Wa denturist assoc., et. al.

Source: National Denturist Assoc., University of WA, University of Oregon (OHSU), American Denturist College, Bates tech. College, George Brown College, and State Dept. of health laws regarding denturist/dental practice Washinton and Oregon

Answered 4 years ago by lindalevin

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