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Question DetailsAsked on 8/20/2013

Have there been any customer complaints with National Budget

Are they credible?

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11 Answers


Hello, this is Kiel with Angie's List. It does not appear that there is currently any reviews on this company. However, you can log in at and search for the category Financial Planning to see our top rated providers in that area. You can also contact our call center at 1-888-944-5478 or send a written request to for more information.

Call center hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:30am – 8:15pm ET
Sat: 8:30am – 3:00pm ET

Thanks so much!

Answered 6 years ago by KielH


If you google for National Financial Planners and National Budget Planners you will find some interesting reviews that indicate they may not be all they claim.

Here is also an interesting review by a former client -

Answered 6 years ago by LCD


Yes, on the BBB website. This company is a SCAM! I am a financial services representative and one of my clients called me to tell me about an offer he received from NBP. He didn't understand what he had e-signed, so I told him to bring the paperwork to my office. The next day, I call NBP, which has SEVERAL different company names, and asked for a copy of the contract. They didn't want to give it to me and said, "They've never had anyone ask them for it". That was the first alarm. Three different reps spoke to me about the client's personal & financial information, and his account information without even verifying who I was. The paperwork states that he would pay ONLY a $39 monthly maintence fee, but $0 towards his student loan. All that would do was default him on his loan. These payments were for 20 years! My client would have paid this company $9,360 just in fees. My client had to CLOSE HIS BANK ACCOUNT and open a new one because they had already tried to draft funds even after I told them he was not interested in doing business with them. The bank put a stop payment on future drafts and also had to shut his debit card off because they tried to draft as a credit card transaction, as well. I feel bad for the people who don't have advisors to review their finances before being scammed into this contract. Buyer beware! You cannot get something for nothing. If you want to refinance or consolidate your student loans, you can do so directly through the Department of Education and avoid defaulting on your loan.

Answered 5 years ago by heatherdevito1


March 26, 2015 no they are not credible. It is a scam. I paid $200.00 and 4 payments of 39.95. They only sent me paperwork to consolidate my loans but nothing afterwards. They also took extra money off my debit card. ( I did not give them access to a bank account only my card) when I called to ask why the girl I dealt with lied and said I made more than I reported so they had to take it out. They didn't even tell me who had my loans when they were consolidated. When I. Asked them to give me some information they finally told me fedloan had them. I found out that national budget planners manipulated my paper work with fedloan and set up a fraudulent account that had my name but their email and their address. Their address is not it a postal annex. They are not in California or Florida. They manipulated their address and used it for their Florida location. They took 39.00 a month from me and my lain was 66 day's over due. The extremely 22.18 they took was my actual payment of my loans that were actually real.I was 2 months from default! They presented themselves as me to fedloan. Stay away from this company! They lie to you about everything. They say if you miss a payment on your loans that you will not be in the program anymore. They give you the impression, that they are over it but they are not. Once your loans are consolidated they stay consolidated. They don't even have access to them. They charge you more for something they have nothing to do with. Everything is a scam. Go through the department of education and get it done for free..

Answered 5 years ago by hellgirl74


THey are NOT credible. I just found out tonight for the first time, that I am screwed. I had no idea that anything was wrong. In hindsight I should have known when they never would send me anything on paper. Got suspicious last week when I got something from Fedloan about me owing $70,000 in outstanding interest. I was thinking, why is that the case if they were supposed to take care of the whole deal, for my $39 bucks a month. Now I have to shut my whole bank account down tomorrow, and see if I have any options for recouping any of this. I feel sick. I have paid them the initial amount (I'll have to look and see what it was) and about a year's worth of $39 payments. The buck stops now. I am on disability, and cannot afford this. A real lesson learned here. OUCH!

Answered 4 years ago by screwedoverbig64


Here is a link - or maybe this is the question you found tonight - from last entry looks like it might be by you ? -

You could also put the company name into the Search box and see what comes up in teh way of reviews - but googling I don't find a listing for them - possibly only if you put in Ft Lauderdale as the city.

Report it to the police (with a police report you might be able to make a fraud claim on your homeowner's insurance, if enough $ to be worth it) - also report it to the Consumer Protection Bureau -

or maybe the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -

I am not sure which controls here, since this is a consumer claim but also a financial related product.

I would also send a copy of the complaints to the State Attorney General's Consumer Protection office for the state their operating address or phone number is in.

You are going to also have to send an explanatory letter (with copies of the complaints and police report) to the federal student loan office handling your loan, explaining what happened and find out where you can go from here before they send it to collections and credit bureau reporting.

Answered 4 years ago by LCD


After making a number of calls regarding National Debt Planners' scams, I learned how this happened to me, and where to start towards recouping my $$. They arranged with Fedloan Services to have it so I didn't have to make any loan payments due to my low income, and they pocketed the $39 a month I was paying, AND a $600 initial outset. I thought it was very interesting that another person on here was charged $200 initially and then the monthly charge, but they charged me $600. I paid it in 3 installments. I hope there is a special circle in hell for these folks. How do people like this sleep at night, or look themselves in the mirror every day? So, I talked to Fedloan Services and found that NBP hadn't paid a single thing towards my loans. Not a thin dime! That is how I discovered that they arranged for me not to have any payments due to my low income. My low income status makes what they did even more egregious! I am on Food stamps for crying out loud, and they still went right ahead, preying on my worries over my high student loan debt (over $100,000). Sociopaths! I contacted the US Board of Education (Investigative Branch) and was told to contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint, which I promptly did. I also contacted a major news station in my state, as they have a consumer problem solving segment. I haven't heard back from them yet, but I think I will. They like to warn people about these things, and Oregon has many colleges and universities, so this will be quite pertinent to our demographics. I will do whatever I can to stop NBP, the sewer-dwelling vermin!

Answered 4 years ago by screwedoverbig64


OOOH GOODNESS! This company is a SCAM!!!!! PURELY!

My wife, wanted desperately to lower her loan payment, so she called National Budget Planner because Fedloan (the Real loan services) could not do anything for her. At first, I did the mistake, not to oversee what she was doing, because for me, she knew what she was sigining for.

Afterwards, I have found out that the Fedloan kept on calling her, for the same loan.

So I took it in charge to look into.

First, they told my wife they were PART of the Department of Education. And she had to pay only $39 every months. She thought great, I have a deal, but they knew she was to naive to see the scam.

So, when Fedloan, the real loan company kept calling her for the past due, she called the them and they said they have never heard anything about NBP (

National Budget Planner.), and that she is past due of some $1300 ...

At the end of the day, I started investigate and they gave me in a few time differents answers for the same question! And they said that they were no more part of the Dept. of Education, but was working with them, after they said that the funds they were drafting from my wife account will not be paid to Fedloan because the whole amount has to be paid, more than 50.000 some, so they will reverse it after some 20 years!!! When I started pressing on them, Then they said they have contacted the real Loan service to pay them, whereat they previously said the contrary.... I told them to refund all they have drafted but they said, they needed a letter, so, my wife told them to stop, and they said, no they need a later!!!

She gave them al and everything... Now, she is past due on her loan for more than 99 days, and they have charged her account under differents names as a credit card company and student loan, several $39, $49 and several $200 ....


Answered 4 years ago by mjkadjo


Hi folks,

I have been reading your reviews and am stuck! I have been dealing with the NBP company this past year and I want out!! They have already been taking more than enough of my money for services that I can do myself (and have had to do myself). I wanted to know for those who were working with them, how did you go about ending services with them?? Any help would be appreciated!

Answered 4 years ago by katelynn427


I was emailed an offer for student loan forgiveness and im disabled so I decided to call these people and they stated that because I lived in Wa state they were unable to help me due to the attorney general denying loan forgiveness in WA. They asked if I had an address out of Wa I could use to get mail and use it as a residence as well and I said yeah,thinking they were trying to heklp me ,I gave them access into my Federal student Aid account and my security questions so they could see what kind of debt they could consolidate for me . I gave them my debit card information,and 3digit code, my checking account number and routing number because I was to pay $448.00 but in 4 installments of$112.00 . whenthey swore me into auto payment arrangements, they said they were mailing me a packet to Idaho where I said to send it and they asked to me to sswear to some other compay that i lived in Idaho. then I was worried I may be making a mistake and trusting them without any research of their credibility. I told my boyfriend and he said it soiunded sketchy and also my sisiter in Idaaaaaaaaho said if they werent being honest by asking me to lie they were probably a scam. I got on line to see if my loan could be forgiven in wa state and yes I can go thru the Loan servicer for a disability discharge I immediately went to my bank and froze my account and reopened a new one and cancelled my debit card for another and then inform fed aid and got my account secured . After these reviews Im sure now they were scams but so luicky i didnt lose any money to them

Answered 3 years ago by KikiDaQueen


I received a monthly bill from Navient that includes a second

Page with a contact information on how to aulify

For repayment options or even forgiveness.

So i called and provided my name and dob. Her said that he sent me a text with a code to verify that it was me. I didn't think nothing of it. He sus that I qualified for a 300 payment plan of $20 plus $50 to them and that after making 300 payments ( 25 years) the rest will be forgiven.

Curiously after two minutes I noticed that I received an email saying

This email is to alert you that your FSA ID information was recently changed.

I asked the agent but he said that it was temporary.

It was my fault because I didn't check first. Also I didn't read the text

That said: Your FSA ID temporary secure code

Bottom line is that now days you have to be very careful.

Always verify that the number belongs to the actual company.

Be safe everyone

Answered 2 months ago by Besafe319

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