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Question DetailsAsked on 9/7/2013

Have there been problems with GE Geosprings hybrid hot water heaters being defective?

I have a ten month old GE Geosprings Hot Water Heater that began to malfunction several weeks ago. It is still under warranty but so far the following has happened: 1. the hot water heater began to signal with a red light and beeping that it needed its filter cleaned. I did this (exactly as instructed in the manual)--and I did it more than once, but the beeping continued. 2. GE sent their warranty repair service and they
said the filter was ok but that the water heater needed to be moved because they did not have sufficient access to repairit. 3.The vendor I purchased the heater from just finished moving the heater and reinstalling it.
4. The water heater is getting water and power but it is now not working at all. 5. GE is scheduled to come back to work on it in six days. (GE's customer service is closed on weekends so I have not gotten their take on this latest developmnet.) Has anyone else had any similar experiences with this product? How were they resolved?

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9 Answers


Geosprings by GE is the top Heat Pump water heater on the market. I think they get it taken care of for you, shame that you had an issue.

Might be that it was installed in a way that "limited " the air flow over the coil, limited air flow would bring on the dirty filter light, as a dirty filter limits the air flow.

So that's a good feature, every AC system should have one, love my Carrier Greenspeed heat pump, tells you exactly when the filter needs changing, no more guessing. This feature is not a timer, the system senses when the airflow is getting too restricted and increasing your operating cost.


Answered 6 years ago by BayAreaAC


There are a lot of comments, especially on the Amazon and Sears sites, on this product - google this search phrase - GE Geosprings hybrid water heater complaints

The GE website also has a lot of complaints about general failures - seems this product was put on the market before it was really reliable. Note that if the heat pump part fails (the usual failure mode, it seems) then it goes to electric heat only, which burns up $ in electricity. Note that according to several of the comments GE has been reimbursing people for this power if they can prove it from eelctric bills - look into this if your problem has led to higher bills.

Answered 6 years ago by LCD


I had his same problem recently with the clean filter signal. I called the 800 number and they sent parts to take care of it. The parts were a sensor assembly and a fan motor assembly. They sent these at no charge. After they arrived a few days later, I called and asked them about service. They provided 4 local repair company phone numbers. The only problem is that you have to pay the repair cost. At least, that is my understanding, as my water heater is now maybe 2 years old, and was bought through the local REMC with a third party installer. I called the closest repair company and told them the problem. They said they had made this repair 2 or 3 times recently and that the cost would probably be about $200 to $250. Sounds like this might be a common problem now with this water heater. Unfortunate for those trying to save money and the environment. At least, I wasn't charged for the parts.

Answered 4 years ago by caj4743


Don't buy the GeoSpring water heater - it is defective. You will likely get a free parts and labor repair the first time the unit malfunctions in about 2 years after purchase. They will tell you that they have solved the problem, and service will be very pleasant; but the problem will reappear in another 2 years, and then they will provide parts under warranty but the labor is your expense. In my case that would be c. $400 because GE does not have a qualified service technician in my area [central Massachusetts]. I also had to pay $99 out of pocket to cover a service technician's diagnosis of the problem before GE would take the next step. The process of working this all out has taken a month during which my water heater has functioned in electric mode, cancelling out any energy efficiency. The company has offered to sell me a replacement water heater at the reduced price of $821 -- installation would not be covered, however. It is clear from many online reviews that describe a problem identical to mine that this water heater is a defective product and GE must know that. They should replace the whole product and cover labor since the problem is well known and documented.

The trouble is that customers who desire to be energy efficient see the hybrid water heater as a wonderful creation, and they are additionally lured by very generous rebates from groups like MassSave and tax rebates. I was. The product is wonderful when it works, but it will only work for 2 years and then the cost to repair it or replace it will wipe out any electricity savings you might have accrued.

My advice: Don't be tempted.

Answered 4 years ago by Coldwater


yes i have had numerous problems - let me start with saying it works great when it works, tremendous savings as i am single and run it in eMode only. I experienced an average $30 to $35 reduction in power bill monthly, well over $300 savings a year.

Hind sight, I bought the first model they put out, so it was bound to have manufacturing issues. Note to self never buy a first release of any new product.

1 year and one month, unit malfunctioned with an error code. Called GE, turns out they had a manufacturing defect and had copper and aluminum touching on the evaporator. Well these two metals cause corrosion and all the freon leaked out. They said since it was a manufacturing defect they will cover the service call even though it was over a year by one month. Service technician said this is a very commin problem That GE is fully aware of, however it was not supposed to happen until after year 3 and thus GE normally will not pay service call only parts. He said he already did three that month and those customers had to pay for the service.. So i got lucky, running in eMode only caused the manufacturing defect to happen sooner..

2 years later, (little over 3 years total) water was all over the floor, first suspect the tank is leaking. GE had me run it in high dollar electric only mode (no heatpump) for several days to see if it stopped leaking. It did, so they said most likely the condensation drip pan was cracked. They said this is very common with that model especially if it had a service call and the evaporator was replaced (which mine did have done).

GE refused to honor the warranty, the drip pan is an integral part of the hot water tank and they have no way of replacing that part without replacing entire hot water heater. Thus they said I would have pay an unknown amount of money based on how long it took technician to spread silicon over the cracked plastic condensation pan. I demanded my replacement part they refused, i said it is not my fault you can't replace a small part, so according to their warranty they need to send new hot water heater because warranty says part replacement not part repair. Mind you they will only guarantee the repair for 30 days. Tray cracks because they directly mounted the evaporator to a plastic tray which is glued to hot water tank. basic engineering, evaportor core gets really cold and the metal shrinks, then goes back to ambient and expands repeatedly during normal use. Plastic does not shrink and expand like metal, plus it does not get freezing cold like the avaporator.. Well they directly bolted the two parts together, eventually the plastic is going to fail which it does well before the ten year warranty period. (NOTE: newer model has a replacable condensation drip pan)

so i looked more closely at the unit and found even the support brackets had failed and were fractured from the manufacturing defect, i had to get service technician out again and this time they had no repair and after a long long battle they finally agreed to send me a new hot water heater.. GE was shady about this, they know for a fact they have a manufacturing defect and are ripping people off. They should just honor their warranty and replace the part, since the part can not be separated from entire hot water heater then entire hot water heater should be replaced under the 10 year part replacement warranty.

They probably need a class action lawsuit brought against them, to protect those consumers not willing to fight as hard as i did. GE should be ashamed.. It xxxx for them they made a manufacturing defect, but they did. It was a very stupid manufacturing defect at that, which could have easily been avoided. Remember Federal government paid for part of this hot water heater as well via their energy star tax credit. So really all working tax payers are getting shafted by GE being as they paid the government taxes in order for the government to pay me the tax credit.

if this happens to yours demand a new hot water heater, do not except a parts repair. Warranty states parts replacement warranty for 10 years, not parts repair that is not even guaranteed past 30 days to work but will cost you approximately $300 to have repaired.

once again it is still a fantastic idea and product when working, mine already paid for itself in electric cost savings before it broke down the second time. So It does work when working, just make sure you get at least reviosion 2 which you will by now because they discontinued the original one a long time ago after they discovered the manufacturing defect.

Answered 3 years ago by Billiam1


I purchased a Geospring water heater December 2014, unit is 2 yrs old now.

There have been 2 issues with my unit so far.

First, the condensate drain fitting is plastic and is very fragile. Someone bumped into the drain pipe a few weeks after it was installed and broke the drain outlet connector. I had to drill/grind it out and glue a piece of copper pipe to be able to connect the drain again.

After the first year I started getting an air filter alarm every couple of days. It was intermittent and I put up with it for a year. It started happening regularly this winter so I decided to call GE. They sent a new fan motor and 3 temperature sensors for free. (10yr parts warranty) I was able to save the cost of labor by installing the parts myself. If you are paying a contractor, it shouldn't take more than an hour of labor. You don't need an HVAC contractor to replace these parts. Anyone with small appliance repair experience should be able to do it. (service manual is available online)

The new parts fixed the problem.

It appears that GE decided to use a blower motor that was just not powerful enough. The new motor is more powerful. (more airflow and more noise)

One thing I noticed is that the filter error mostly occurred in the winter and not in the summer. It appears that humidity affects these units efficiency. When its humid there is lots of water coming off the coils but, where I live, I don't see a drop of water in the drain from December to April.

Answered 3 years ago by chiraldude


We bought a GE Geosprings Hot Water Heater for our new house (new construction), hoping to get the rebates and save some money. The first one we bought through Lowes, and had nothing but problems with it. The water wouldn't get hot, only warm. And it wouldn't fill even a 5-gallon bucket before it was completely cold. Lowes told me to call GE's service line. The sent me a sensor to replace, and they spoke with a local plumber to install it. I live in Montana, and there's no one here that knows how to work on these things.

He did replace the sensor, but that didn't fix the problem. By time that happened, it was past 30 days, and Lowes wouldn't let me return it. So, I had to continue working with GE to get it repaired. After 2+ months, they finally sent me a new one. However, they didn't tell me what to do with the old one.

The new one gets somewhat hot, but only in all-electric mode. I turned the temp up to 130, which is enough to scald. It's warm enough to take a shower in, and at least lasts long enough to take a shower, but this new one doesn't get hot either. We've had professional/licensed plumbers and electricians hook up everything, and I know it was done right. But we're at the point where we're just going to switch it out for something else. Don't buy one. GE's idea of a warranty is a joke. We shouldn't have had to pay the plumber to switch out the old one. And we shouldn't have to pay labor to get someone to fix it.

Answered 3 years ago by rtardif


Remove the filter and reset the alarm. Leave the filter off. It won't go off again.

During the process of me trying to fix the problem the problem fixed itself.

I read customer responses blaming the sensor, fan, and other parts. So I removed the top filter and top assembly to try and localize the problem myself and found nothing. Everything looked as new. I contacted GE for warranty replacement parts to start replacing parts to see if the problem would be remedied. They sent me a new fan, control module and some other stuff free of charge.

However during the 2 weeks I was waiting for the parts to arrive I left the top filter off the unit. Surprise, the alarm never went off again and it's been 5 weeks now.

I think the filter they have for this system restricts the airflow just a little too much causing their over-sensitive airflow sensor to consistently go off. I am going to leave the manufacture's filter off and try using a simple filter screen like a furnace uses. Maybe that will be less restrictive. But I am 100% positive the problem will go away if you just leave the filter off.

GE sent me a larger fan to install and I'm sure that would also solve the problem by increasing airflow but who wants to spend the labor time or money if removing the filter works.

Answered 3 years ago by tberan


I am having the same problem with my GEH50DEEDSRB. The clean filter light is flashing and the control panel is beeping. I called Bradford White to get the replacement parts sent. They sent the sensor wiring (WS17X10014) and a new 7 watt fan motor (WS26X10026) quickly at no cost. When I went to replace the fan motor, I noticed that the new replacement fan was the exact same part as the one that was currently installed. Research on a couple of web sites show that the 7 watt fan motor WS26X10026 has been replaced by new 15 watt fan motor part WS26X20393. Does anyone know what parts are the correct parts and if there is a document detailing this repair issue?

Answered 6 months ago by rockfishon

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