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Question DetailsAsked on 1/12/2014

How is Home Depot / Lowes bathroom remodeling?

I am planing to do bathroom remodeling to convert an old bath tub/shower combo to maybe a walk-in shower. And also change the vanities. I got an estimate from Home Depot, who contracts with Re-Bath. I read some bad reviews of Re-Bath. But every contractor will get some bad reviews here and there. So I want to know is it a good idea to go with retails stores like Home Depot/Lowes when comes to remodeling projects? Thanks.

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27 Answers

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This part of Don's answer follows my thoughts exactly:

"You want to deal with a professional person that is selling you a bath that was not working as a cashier a few months ago."

Do you go to the gracery store and ask for someone to cook your steak? Of course not. So why would you go to a building supply store and ask for someone to remodel your bathroom? Rarely will you see a legitimate contractor take jobs from a retailer. Why? Because they don't pay much. Speed is the most important thing to them, along with getting it done cheap so they can maximize profit. About 10 years ago I worked on a few contracted structures (sheds, garages, etc.) from Home Depot. They contracted to another company who then contracted people to build them. At that time they paid a flat $250 for a contractor to pick up the supplies, build the structure on site, paint it, and use their own tools. By the time the cost of a helper, fuel, tools, etc. was factored in there was nothing left for the contractor. Anyway, the point I'm making is that the guy who will eventually show up to do the work will be so far down the line that everyone else has already taken the profits (Home Depot, ReBath, possibly someone else, and finally the guy working) that he probably isn't going to care what kind of job he does for you, quality or not. He likely won't have much experience due to a high turnover rate and any experience he does have will probably be limited to his teachings at that job. He probably can't answer any building code questions or identify other hazards once things are taken apart and he certainly won't do anything he doesn't have to while it is apart.

Another problem I've heard of repeatedly is that if (when) there is a problem there is always someone else you need to speak to. You might have to talk to 4 or 5 different people before you can even get to someone that can address the problem. Now multiply that due to having (at least) two separate companies involoved. "You need to call ReBath." "No, you need to call Home Depot."

You hire a general contractor for a reason. We learn, understand, and keep up on building codes. We are the one point of contact for all questions and issues on a project. There is no manager in some other store, state, etc. to call. You contract a GC and deal directly with that GC, or a site supervisor in some cases. There isn't a huge chain of command to get through to reach the main decision maker for the business. In a bathroom remodel you need someone who can do the plumbing, repair and/or move any electrical, install tile/flooring, drywall and paint, trim carpentry, and someone to coordinate all of that. Sometimes you can find a qualified contractor to do all of those things and sometimes he will sub-contract out certain components (especially due to licensing laws) but you will always have that one definitive person to go to for any questions or issues. A salesman in a store doesn't visit your home throughout the project to check on the status. Even if he did, he likely wouldn't now what he is looking at. The same goes for a retail manager.

Hire someone who specializes in taking care of your home. Hire based on reputation & knowledge/experience. You are right that not every customer can be happy so an occassional bad review can be found on just about any business. Read the reviews, not the grades (they are always biased). Look to see if the contractor attempted to rectify the problem, not ignore it. Lastly, unless you want cheap, sloppy work and a whole heap of other troubles, don't hire based on a low price.

Answered 6 years ago by Todd's Home Services


I am not sure of what area you are from so I am not sure what you options are locally. I would look to possibly finding a plumbing supply outfit that has a showroom or two. One I use in my area will beat most prices the big box stores have if you compare apples with apples. The big two have lines that are made just for them that even companies that sell the same brand can not get and the same goes for plumbing fixtures. Many supply house will recommend a few contractors they trust. You will be able to meet the different contractors first hand before you commit.

With the big box stores they sub out the work as you said and though it helps that your point of purchase "should" help with any problems you are paying for that. They mark up the install price quite a bit. I just quoted a kitchen install for a customer through an interior designer and was so far under HD's price the designer added 60% to my price and it was still less. The same thing happened with the cabinet purchase, the price was way less that HD and she was able to make even more of a mark up on them than she did with me.

Before you commit to a purchase with them stop into a couple of supply houses not kitchen and bath companies. If you want one stop shopping they may be best for some but they will steer you to what they make the most profit on. You will get a more unbiased opinion on you choices of plumbing fixtures and finishes. I hate to admit it but I do use these stores but only for things like sheetrock, spackle and some lumber. It is faster sometimes than the lumber yard. You want to deal with a professional person that is selling you a bath that was not working as a cashier a few months ago. Your home is probably the biggest investment most people have.


Answered 6 years ago by ContractorDon


KUDO"S to DON and TOD !

They are SPOT ON in their individual comments , besides , they are Speaking the Full truth !

I would not reccomend either of these outlets for a large project such as a Bathroom Remodel. You need to hire a specialist , someone who does more than install doors or toilets.
Hire a REAL Contractor with a proven Track record ,and Angies list is full of REAL Proven

General and Remodeling Contractors who need the work and are prepared to give YOU a Quality Job . The project you get from the big box stores is normally filled and fraught with problems , and NO ONE is seemingly in charge , you'll get passed around like a HOT Potato

when trying to resolve problems . HIRE A Real Contractor , especially one where YOU can deal and TALK to the Company Owner who will be involved in doing your actuall project , not a big box represenative who is but One of several who make decisions before you must deal with a manager who must then consult with his Store or District Manager.

Be Smart , Hire a REAL Contractor !

Answered 6 years ago by BentheBuilder


We tried to get a remodel of kitchen and baths from HD and were very very disappointed in the service. We sat with the people who called themselves 'interior designers' for a few hours. The ideas were very novice and I had a bad feeling after 30 minutes. They never followed up with calls for the kitchen. Someone came to look at the bathroom and the guy told us that HD could not do what we wanted!! Well what do they do? The offer 'bathroom remodel' but only do certain types of remodel? Strange.

I would agree with the others and go with a contractor who rebuilds homes. When you think about it, if one works with HD, both HD and their contractors have to make out on the deal so they jack up the prices of products AND labor. Forgot to mention...when they gave an estimate for the kitchen, everthing was 'coded' instead of detailed words of products. When asked why, we received the answer' this is how the program works'. Good Luck to you.

Source: actual experience

Answered 5 years ago by Guest_9946990


I will add one more comment from my experience with one of the big two. My go to guy for kitchen design work is a CKD. He worked for a while in one and ran the kitchen and bath department in one of the top producing stores in New Jersey. He quit when the manager of this store came to him and wanted him to train cashiers to be desighners! He was the one that started the first standardized installation price book. Prior to this they had the sub contractors quote a price to them and them marked it up for their contract with the consumer. You are dealing with people that think like this when you deal with the likes of Home Depot and Lowes. They seem to think because many of the cabinet companies have their cabinet lines tied into a computer program for design anyone can do it and while the printout may look great on the paper they give you you will find that many times you can not install what they designed. Either missing fillers or panels for islands or cabinets that will not fit not to mention the work flow of a design like a kitchen may not work.


Answered 5 years ago by ContractorDon


My recent experience with Lowes was very disappointing. I worked with a so-called "designer" for a bathroom remodelling job. This young woman really showed very little interest in helping me make decisions. After that, the contractor hired by Lowes came in and handled the installation of a corner stall shower unit, vanity and top, toilet, flooring, painting, towel rack installation, etc.

A 6-1/2 x 6-1/2 bathroom took almost 11 working days for the contrator to complete. First person sent was fired after four days to due poor work performance. The second two people had to re-do most of what the first person did. Overall, my satisfaction is about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. I had to have them come back twice for sloppy work that needed fixing - spackling, painting, hanging of towel racks, floor, etc. They caused a leak in a ceiling downstairs and also had to have them come back because something under the vanity leaked after installation. Clean up most days was poor at best. Took pictures of them leaving a huge filthy shop vac on a bedroom chair overnight.

My biggest disappointment is the lack of guidance in helping me to decide which stall shower unit was best. The one that is installed is not sturdy and I am sure will not hold up long. I chose a Koehler (Sterling) but am very unhappy with it. It is cheap material and the shower door shakes when pulled open. Unfortunately, I could not sample this when purchased since this particular stall shower was stacked on top of others in the store and could not be reached. I relied on the "designer" and bath manager for guidance which was

clearly a mistake. My own fault as I should have done more research. I thought however, I was paying for knowledge with their PSI program. Not so.

Lowes management was sympathetic and assisted with some complaints throughout this project. But I am overall very unhappy with my decision to go with Lowes. It is sometimes difficult to find a good contractor who stands behind their work. So I thought dealing with Lowes would be better. Will never do it again and would advise others against it as well. When my survey is available to fill out, I won't be kind to the contractor. My experience pushed me to go another route with carpeting and vinyl plank flooring installation which is my next project. No more Lowes!!!!

Answered 5 years ago by Lowes


Lowes did my kitchen basically in 1 day. I was happy. I have a very small kitchen (10x10) but upgraded to all wood cabinets. Did buy less expensive appliances. Got my granite counters from Costco. Did it all for 10K. The contractors were good. On time & pleasant. Theres no problems with the price changing either.

Answered 5 years ago by Guest_9794792


Lowes did my kitchen quickley & reasonably. I was very happy. Small kitchen for 10k plus they had 0% financing for 12 months.

Answered 5 years ago by Guest_9794792


Do not go to lowes. We r in the process of a kitchen and bath remodel. The work is sub par. Show up when they want. Trash the inside and outside of the house. Do not pull permits. They do not have any order to their work. Started dry wall. Put up a few cabinets. Tiled the floor. Put up the rest of the cabinets which look horrible drywall still not done. Stove does not fit. Appliances delivered and we're not hooked up. Just slapped close to where they go.can't get ahold of anyone. When u do they push u off to the next person. Nothing ever gets done. I could go on forever but I'm tires of talking about it. Wilm prob have to hve an professional come in and fix it all. This has been going on since October. I should have read reviews. May end up in court.

Answered 5 years ago by SRT13


A Home Depot "designer" just left my house today after 3 hours of showing me hideous fake acrylic shower liners made to look like tile which it didn't, and fake vinyl tile for the flooring. He was actually a high pressured salesman I'm assuming on commission telling me how these products are far superior to tile and how Home Depot is far superior than a GC and how a GC would pick up the day laborers and if they got hurt I would be sued and if the contractor went out of business I would be screwed. They don't even use real tile it is probably much like what that ReBath place does. I had mold on my drywall from the leaky shower and he said oh you can just bleach that. I have another rotting wall area from the leak and he said oh we can just repair that. Even I know that these areas need to be completely removed and replaced! Not bleached or patched over. He also wanted to put acrylic liner directly over the existing nasty shower floor and never even addressed the leaks. The most outrageous part was the amount of money they wanted just to do an incomplete job. The small shower alone he quoted at 8000. To add the floor and install a new vanity that I would have to purchase separately and the toilet purchased separately, and the shower door purchased separately, he quoted over 14,000. He never addressed my concerns about the fan or the lighting or fixtures like faucets or towel racks or even paint. He said I could paint myself, that I'm obviously handy because I knocked out the shower walls. I don't have time and I don't want to paint the bathroom. he also told me that these products would add value to my home but if I did something differently it would not. He pressured me to sign and even said he would come back after lunch. He obviously only cared about getting me to sign and spend the money even when I said that was way too expensive and I had a second bathroom to do and other projects. After he left for lunch I called the 800 number and told them no thank you and please call him and let him know not to come back. They said they would call him but he showed up about 20 minutes later, so I had to be firm and told him thank you but no thank you I needed to get estimates from a contractor. At that point he basically admitted that I would get a cheaper estimate from the scary contractors that do shady business. After already working with the designer in the upscale tile showroom and talking with the knowledgeable staff at the plumbing showroom, this was miles and miles inferior to what I had in mind, it was actually very unbelievable. My contractor referrals came from the tile store and the plumbing showroom.The products he showed me would probably be best for rentals and mobile homes but the prices were way too outrageous.

This came about because I contacted the Home Depot store directly as they have a kitchen and bath designer area and I wanted to make an appointment to talk with the designer in the store regarding vanities, cabinets, lighting etc as I already had my tile designs picked out. If tile is such an inferior product why does home depot even sell it in their stores? Idiots. Sadly I'm sure they prey on seniors and others that have not worked with contractors and don't know how to say no to their high pressure tactics.

I'm glad I had this experience and I would warn everyone to stay away and to take the advice from the posters above, talk with reputable contractors, go to the tile and plumbing showrooms, talk with staff about your wants and needs, get contractor references from those places if needed, and talk to real designers that work there. I was not charged for that service it's done as a courtesy to their potential clients.

Answered 5 years ago by Ciara


I don't find the analogy with asking a grocery store to cook my steak very compelling. For one thing, grocery stores don't offer this service. For another, it wouldn't make sense if they did because I want to eat it at home or in a restaurant, not a grocery store.

Also weak is the idea of hiring someone who specializes in, say, bathroom remodeling. The big box hardware stores hire local contractors to do the work so they are specialists in doing remodeling. In fact, I have talked to several contractors directly to do a job and find that many are flakes. I ask for a proper itemized contract and they act like they don't know what one is. One actually told me that they don't like to get too detailed on the contract as if there are disputes with such a contract, they tend to lose. Yeah! That's right! That's the point!

The big box stores, on the other hand, have a vested interest in not working with flaky contractors and standing behind their work. They have a national reputation to protect.

Finally, the contractors who have answered this question have a vested interest in you NOT going to the big box stores as they take a cut, negotiate the prices lower, and make it harder to take advantage of the homeowner.

As they say, follow the money.

Answered 5 years ago by Guest_96695281


I have done four projects now with Home Depot Home Services: Kitchen, windows, doors and finally fence.

I think it depends on how the customer uses the service and the contract that Home Depot has with the contractor.

The kitchen I went to my local store for the design, they sent someone out to measure, the product was ordered by Home Depot, so I had a manifest and the contractors picked up the products at the store. The kitchen installation was pretty much flawless and the workmanship was outstanding. I had to schedule their work around the plumbers and electricians, but all in all the work done was professional. The cabinet installer noticed that a couple of cabinets were incorrect, and had them ship the correct ones. I was very happy with this very large project.

The door installation was another flawless contract. I ordered the doors from Home Depot, the contractor picked them up, submitted the building permit, completed the installation in a single day. The work was exceptional!

Impact windows was an outside consultant who managed the project. While there were a few bumps with the installation, I have to admire the project manager and contractor for resolving the few problems that occurred:

- Tile was broken in the bathroom

- the installer sawed off the bolt heads holding the support posts to the roof beams because, "they were in the way."

This was concerning, because had I not been there to observe the problem, the installers would have proceeded with the installation and the only indication that a problem existed would have occurred during a hurricane. . .My very expensive hurricane windows be intact, but the roof would have flown off.

The contractor was very proactive. He had several installation teams, but his personal team was the one that came in to resolve these types of potential problems. He did fix the problem by installing new roof bolts, had a tile man come in to repair the broken tiles, and months later replaced a defective window covered by warranty.

Even though this was a different type of home services contract, I received a complete manifest for warranty and insurance purposes. The project manager was on hand when the building inspector came out to approve the installation. Fabulous!

Sorry to say, Home Depot's fence installation was not up to any of these standards and in my area, the contractor used for this project performed a minimum amount of work for the most amount of profit, sad to say I am not even sure they installed the fence that I purchased.

My advice:

Research the product, get samples, and never leave contractors on your premises without being there to supervise. Write down a summary of the conversations that you have with these contractors and (we have the technology) send them a summary e-mail.

-If there is a warranty, be sure they give this to you in writing prior to the sale.

-Make sure you have the manufacturer's owners manuals

-Review the entire building permit before it is submitted.

-Make sure they give you a detailed materials manifest.

Most important, tell Home Depot or Lowes when they do a GOOD job as well as when the performance is unacceptable.

Answered 5 years ago by LauderdaleLady


Home Depot sub-contracts the project to another company so you are paying 2 companies profit. I had a Home Depot quote $30,000 for a shower replacement and re-tile and move the toilet. They also expected or made you buy the tile from them, and the samples were not to my liking. If you want to pay too much O.K. but I would look elsewhere, B.B.B. maybe

Answered 4 years ago by aharvey


As a designer who has worked for Home Depot then worked privately and now works for Lowe's, I can speak from all sides. Home Depot doesn't take care of their associates, hence the reason I left. I worked for a privately owned cabinet shop with local contractors. some contractors didn't pull permits, one ended up addicted to crack and brought hookers to my client's home while they were out of town. One of the cabinet shops closed their doors after I sold a large remodel where the client put down $40,000 deposit on cabinets. I agree there are a FEW private contractors that are honest but there are many more crooks out there claiming to be contractors. Once my main reliable contractor retired, I went to Lowe's. I enjoy working and designing for Lowe's. I assist ALL of my clients with product selection that fits their needs and budgets. I know my clients who purchase their bath and/or kitchen remodel project through me are working with local licensed contractors. Many contractors don't qualify to work with lowes because they can't afford the liability insurance Lowe's requires them to carry. Also, Lowe's has everyone do a back ground check on all the employees who step foot in clients homes. Who wants criminals in and out of their home? All and all, no contractor is perfect, no contractor can promise a remodel job will go flawless but what Lowe's can promise is we won't walk away with your money and the job being incomplete because this company isn't going anywhere and it is in our best interest to complete your job to your satisfaction with a one year labor warranty and all manufacturer warranties.

Source: lowe's designer with 15 years experience.

Answered 4 years ago by Angelh001


General contractors that work for Lowes must have 1 million dollars in insurance. Not many small-time contractors will want to afford that. There is also a one year labor warranty. So even if the contractor does not pan out, Lowes will make sure that the customer is taken care of. You cannot get that type of guarantee with many contractors today. Our Flooring specialist has been in the business for 30 years. Our cabinet specialist has designed award-winning kitchens and bathrooms. I, myself am a PSI and have run plumbing flooring and millwork departments. I installed my own flooring, tiled tub surround, sink drains and crown molding. I also understand the color wheel and how sheens of paint can change the look of your walls. I can draw a room to scale with graph paper and a square. I can also use the following tools: skill saw, impact driver, square, level, jigsaw, miter box, chop saw, chainsaw, router, dremel, oscillating saw, table saw, nail guns and a Keurig...HA! And to beat all, I am a woman. There may be an occasional store that promoted someone from cashier to specialist and they are brand new, but they are trained and need experience just like everyone else. I was a cashier once, and a very knowledgeable one! I have a bachelor degree and a lot of lessons learned by trial and error. If I do not have the answer, I will find it! You can trust that we will never walk off the job or price gouge because we think you are lacking the ability to understand the business.

Answered 4 years ago by SmartPSI


It depends on whether you are willing to be somewhat flexible on your desires, so that you request those items and services that are described by the service representative, or if you are trying for something completely custom that requires additional services or items that are not part of the standard service packages that are offered.

My experience with Home Depot 10 years ago, and even 4 years ago, was that the service quality was dependent on the store that you used. But today I find that there has been a complete revamping of personnel in-store and outside, and that the contractors that are used are monitored very closely for customer satisfaction issues, with severe results if the numbers go bad.

In the last year I have used Home Depot twice and both experiences were quite good. The work was done one time and to the highest quality standard. My kitchen was clean each night during the remodeling and we could actually cook & eat at home except for one night.

One cabinet drawer had a paint run on the bottom of it and I pointed it out, they took it back, ordered a replacement on the spot and had it fedexed to our house for installation in three days.

While I have not used Re-Bath, I have talked to people who have in my neighborhood and they were quite pleased with the product quality and service, especially for tub to shower or walk-in tub conversions. These projects were in the last 9 months in Mercer County NJ.

Answered 4 years ago by RemodelProjectSpclst


Contacted HD regarding a RE-Bath in my master bathroom. Received a call back & the women stated a time that rep would visit my home to discuss the project. She mentioned that my wife and I must be present on that particular day to sit with salesperson. When I heard that, i recalled a very similar incident with Sears when I was in the market for replace

windows. I responded to her by saying, why must my wife be present unless salesman is going to be high pressure & realizes most husband will say "Let me discuss with wife & get

back to you". She insisted that this is not the case but just a preference on their part. I politely explained I have no interest in high pressure sales people sitting in my kithchen & refusing to leave w/o a signed contract. Sorry HD, not my way of doing biz. I'll pass!!

Answered 4 years ago by Ronzall


Working with Lowes on a PSI project now... Even though the people at Lowes mean well, the contractors they have sent over have had their share of problems. The Lowes staff doesn't seem to have any control over them whatsoever. The reason we chose this route whas to avoid having contractor issues and to have the Lowes guarentee. So far we are 16 weeks into a project we were told would take 5 weeks, and we are not half way done. The markup we paid to have Lowes take the stress away from us was a total waste of money. I would not do it again.

Source: rj

Answered 4 years ago by angieslist1


It is a good idea to go with big box for a few reasons. You can speak with specialists who understand all the different products available to you in various price ranges. Big Box worries about their reputation so they will go above and beyond to ensure the project goes with little or no issues. (Yet we all know hidden surprises that lurk when remodeling) There is a 1-year warranty with Lowes and you will complete a punchlist with our General Contractor and Installed Sales Manager to ensure all issues are resolved and work is complete before you sign off on the job. I would be hesitant to use Rebath, not because they wouldn't do a good job, but because their process just puts a cover over existing wall, tub and floor. If you are really interested in getting the bang for your buck as well as increasing your home's value, I would consider a conventional remodel. And, you may need to know what is under your existing tub and make repairs, especially with older homes. I recently had a customer who priced rebath at 14,000+. We were able to give them a walk in shower, tile floor, tile shower surround and a new vanity for nearly half that price. You should give your local Lowe's a call and see if they have the PSI program. The concierge service you will receive as they help you plan your new space is not only convenient, it's invaluable in determining your budget and what you can achieve with it.

Answered 4 years ago by SmartPSI


We went to Lowe's for two bathroom remodels. One changed the floorplan, while the other was just an update on floor tile, vanity and countertop. They promised a 6 week turnaround for both bathrooms to be completed, promised weekly visits to check on progress and promised that they were "only a phone call away." The demolition of the master bath took place on October 24th. It is now the 22nd of January, and we do not have either bathroom completed. The general contractor they use covers all 5 Lowe's in the Tampa area. I have spoken with several other local residents that are running into the same issues that we have. NO ONE from Lowe's comes to check on the jobs, WE have to call and ask "what's the next step" instead of someone keeping us aprised of the itinerary, and the general contractor is NEVER available and NEVER returns calls. The General Contractor tells us that their tilers are double-booked, so they send a carpenter (who says he knows how to tile) to work on the job, but the floor tiles were all uneven and he pounded roofing tiles into our walls to hold the wall tiles on (leaving holes in the grout lines). This might not have been an issue EXCEPT that the grout has fallen out and now we have holes in our concrete board where water can get in behind the tiles. You sign a contract with Lowe's stating you CANNOT take them to court. Your ONLY option is to go to Mediation. We are making one last attempt to involve the store manager and then that's where we are headed. I would warn ANYONE to think long and hard about hiring Lowe's in our area for a remodel of ANY kind. Lowe's is only as good as their General Contractor and their GC doesn't really seem to care about Lowe's.

Answered 4 years ago by LegalEagle


Well this might not be the best answer but its just a suggestion that works for. Best price on home bathroom items are on online site such a amazon or way fair etc. I always get them for a very low price and just get a recommended contractor to do the work for me. Yes it takes extra effort ( time spending) on doing some researche and going back and forth with contractor but I save a lot money


Answered 4 years ago by manijani123


I worked for a number of years for a company that installed garage doors for the home. They had a contract with Loews and Home Depot to install all the garage doors that were purchased from them. This practice is common with big box stores. They have contractors not on the payroll of their company. Here it is 2016 and it is still the practice.

The customer has the option of accepting the recommended contractor or just pay the price of the product and hire their own contractor. Then you have just upped the price. The contractor has a contract with the company to only charge for labor for an agreed upon fixed price. The big box charged for the product. If you choose to hire your own installer, you have no control over the price of labor.

Do your homework and research the recommended installer. If you don't like his record and reviews, I would suggest going to another store that uses a different contractor.

Answered 4 years ago by Addie


BUYER BEWARE! I won't give all of the details, but every part of my kitchen remodel project has been a nightmare. The so called "designer" will stop talking to you as soon as you pay for the project. The install coordinator doesn't push or pursue the contractors. The contractors all (cabinets, counters, plumbing) of them did sub par work at a premium price. In addition every contractor that came in talked down about home depot and their process. Saying that home depot makes "promises" that they can't live up to. Save your money and sanity and hire a professional, don't make the same mistake I did.

Answered 3 years ago by jayrwillis


We had Lowes remodel both our bathrooms. Toilets, cultured marble arch countertops with banjo, large mirrors, large kohler medicine cabinets. We had a fair amount of frustration but in the end, we are very satisfied and very happy with the price. We liked the installer.


We previously has a contractor replace a two level kitchen countertop, with a one level granite. Cut down the second level. Got a very large one piece granite. Pricey, but great job. Lowes wouldn't do it.

Called back contractor for quote on one bathroom countertop. 5 ft length including banjo. Then went to Lowes. First installer said they couldn't do it. Impossible. Had a second Lowes installer come out. Turned out he did work for us in our other house. He said, no problem. Price was half the private contractor, for the exact same Marble Arch countertop. Lowes had a recurring special, purchase one bathroom install, all other installs 40% off. We just kept adding. Did both bathrooms. Identical bathrooms. Each had comfort height American Standard one piece toilets, Marble Arch countertops, Beautiful Kohler medicine cabinets, large mirrors, new faucets. Total cost $ 4200. My private contractor wanted $ 1500 for one countertop.

Problems we we ran into.

1. Installer had no idea how to install medicine cabinet. Messed it up. I had him come back, then I called Kohler tech, put him on the phone, and they walked him through it.

2. Faucet leaked. After 3 fixes, we asked for a real plumber. Fixed it.

3. The separate toilet installer screwed up one toilet badly. We had to call and get that taken care off. He had locked his keys in his truck, and was calling people to get a ride, while he was installing the toilet. Bad job.

Overall. We are very happy with a well priced job.

Answered 3 years ago by Pstein15


3 bathrooms done by ReBath for just under $20000. Install great, workers great. When we needed new faucet for shower and its install and when we had manufacturin defective sink in master bath -- 1) our franchisee was out of business. 2) Corporate Customer Service sent us on wild goose chase to find another franchisee on our own, 3) Corporate Customer Service stated that since the items were not manufactured by ReBath (they did not have "reBath" stamped on them) they had no liability for the items. In other words they DON'T STAND BEHIND their Franchisees 4) Corporate Customer Service stated that "it is always good to read the contract". Excuse me????. NO SUPPORT . BEWARE WHEN YOU DEAL WITH FRANCHISEE AND WHEN YOU SIGN CONTRACT. They will install and then you are On Your Own. Unhappy. I am writing reviews everywhere I can on the Internet. I am so very disappointed that I cannot tell you.

Answered 3 years ago by hegg4343


Dn't do it! My elderlry parents contracted Lowes in Mi. multiple coordination and quality issue, the worst part is Loews is non-responive most of the time. it's been 6 months and the project is still not complete. very frustrating.

Answered 2 years ago by celomx


We recently had a bathroom remodel by Lowes. I would not recommend them. We began the project on June 30th. We didn't get the bid for three weeks. Once the bid and contract were complete, it was many weeks until the project was complete. The project was completed on November 10, 2017.

Although we didn't have issues with the individual workers from the contractor, Hipp Homes, the owner was not present. He never checked the quality or completeness of his employees work. Workers that had never installed a tub or sink were sent to complete tasks. We actually had to show them YouTube videos on how to do their job. Dur to their lalck of knowledge, a vanity was damaged. After installing three vaniites, we were able to finish the job ourselves.

The contrator was not present, nor did he have a representative for inspections. Although we didn't expect him to be present for the electrical or plumbing as he was not contracted to do these, he didn't even show up when the inspection was of work completed by his team.

The products were ordered incorrectly by the Lowes Designer. We had to make runs to other cities to complete the order for our tile project to procede.

The entire project, from drywall to vanity install was frustrating and unprofessional. Once again, I would not recommend Lowes for your bathroom remodel.

Answered 2 years ago by artbird


I would hire seperate contractors yourself. I definitely would NOT go to Lowe's. My mother hired Lowe's to remodel her kitchen, and, as I expected, they quoted "2 weeks" for the project to be completed (not including the cutting and placing of the counter tops), and that was 9 weeks ago. The workers never show up when their scheduled to, and when they do come, they do a terrible job. They can't paint straight lines; paint is showing on the sliding glass door frame, and the edge between the ceiling and the wall (which are two different colors) have one color bleeding onto the other over the edge, etc. They put up the majority of the cabinets, but did the job incorrectly of course; they left out the pull-out spice racks, so that has to be re-done, it's just been an absolute nightmare; and when you call to complain, they act as if you're crazy. Lowe's also makes you pay up front for the work, so, of course, if they already have all your money, why do they care when it's finished? Think of the Shirk Brothers from the movie "The Money Pit." I'd say that's an accurate representation of what you can expect when you hire Lowe's to do a job. I would hire reputable contractors in your area, one by one. Yes, it may be more costly, and you'll have to do some coordinating between scheduling the contractors yourself, but you want someone that cares about their reputation enough to do the job correctly the first time. From what I understand, Lowe's (and I'm sure Home Depot as well) hire the lowest bidder to do the job. If you're getting paid close to nothing for a job, why would you care if it's done right or not? The other option is to just do the bulk of the work yourself, and just hire an electritian and/ or plumber only if it's absolutely necessary. You can probably YouTube how to do most of/ all of the work.


Answered 2 years ago by kgeisler12

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