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Question DetailsAsked on 6/18/2011

How do I get rid of moles and/or gophers in my yard?

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10 Answers


We've tried everything, too. The only thing that has worked is a pet cat who has great hunting skills. Works like a charm, just be sure the cat you get is a "hunter."

Answered 9 years ago by Nice Person


Hi Delcyjay

We want to help, so we reached out to some highly rated pest control companies on Angie’s List to get their advice for your rodent problem.

First, it’s important to properly identify the pest at the "root" of the problem.

Moles typically tunnel below the ground and push up the roots of the grass. They do not eat the grass or the roots, but love grubs and earthworms. Moles typically seek out well-watered lawns with looser soil that allows for easier tunneling.

Voles will tunnel through the grass instead, leaving trails at the base of the grass and above ground. They tend to burrow under sidewalks, patios and porches, leaving holes about the size of a golf ball. They eat grass seed and destroy a lawn’s root system, which can result in substantial areas of damage. Vole damage is obvious following snow melt, with clear trails in the brown grass. Bird feeders can attract voles and other small rodents.

There are multiple methods available to help vanquish these pests. The recommended solution for mole control is to trap and remove. This is an involved process and a professional trapper should be contacted. There are natural repellent products available as well that you can spray on your lawn.

For voles, there are smaller traps available for situations with low populations. For larger population issues, you might need to apply a bait. In either case, a pest control company should be contacted. Since it sounds like you have not had the success you need by using baits and repellents, trapping might be your best option. The companies we contacted did say ridding your lawn can be an arduous process and one best left to the pros.

I hope this helps. Please let us know how it turns out!

Paul from Angie’s List

Answered 9 years ago by Paul from Angie's List


I live on 3 acres of wooded property with a fair sized natural pond. The presence of moles is an ongoing problem, especially around the pond. I have a lot of success in getting them to move from around the house to edge of the woods by putting moth balls down their tunnel holes. This creates a noxious odor in their abode and gets them moving elsewhere. If you live in a development, this may not work for you as your neighbors will not be pleased if your moles or voles move to their yard.

Answered 9 years ago by Tortoladove


How do we get rid of moles and/or gophers in our yard at Cordova, TN?

This is going to sound crazy to you but it WORKS!!

We use JUICY FRUIT chewing gum .... its gotta be Juicy Fruit ..... not bubble gum or spearment or any other flavor.

Locate the end of the trail and use a small scoop to dig a hole in the center of the mole hill.

Drop a couple of stick of Juicy Fruit gum in the hole and cover it up. Do not dig the hole deep.

Just a couple of inches or so.

The experts can laugh all they want to at this method. Does not brother us.

Wife and I knows it works for us. She loves to fill the hole with the gum.

Go back next day and you will notice that the mole hill has NOT "traveled"

She also drops a couple sticks of juicy fruit at different locations along the mole hill trail.

Where does the mole or whatever it is that digging the tunnel go?

Have no ideal but they leave our yard.

Jerry Dodd

Answered 9 years ago by bockbock


So Jerry, just one question. Do you get to chew the Juicy Fruit first? : )

Paul from Angie's List

Answered 9 years ago by Paul from Angie's List


No Paul, you do not chew the juicy fruit gum first. Remove the wrapper and drop the gum stick in the mole trail.

From your question, it sounds as if you do not believe me and making fun at us. That's OK with us.

Actually, another woman told my wife this trick a couple years ago and my wife tried it.

I thought it was a joke at first but know what ........... it WORKS!!

We have also used moth balls but the juicy fruit gum works best in our situation.

Don't ask me why it has to be Juicy Fruit ..... wife tried other gum flavors but they did not work.

Why pay a professional hundreds of dollars when you can solve the problem for less than one dollar.


Answered 9 years ago by bockbock


Thanks for the reply, Jerry. Sorry if I gave the impression of making fun. Not at all. I think it's a cool idea and if it works, that's great!


Paul from Angie's List

Answered 9 years ago by Paul from Angie's List


Good Evening, Moles are a tedious job. First you will need to find what tunnels are active and which ones are not by collapsing in a section of the tunnel and watch it for a couple of days ones that are active will be built back up. Bait heavy on each tunnel or mound that is active and just repeat the process as long as it takes

Answered 9 years ago by FLwildlifetrapper


Yes as above moles are tedious - get a cat - seriously. Not a persian but a good american tabby or any active breed.

For the gophers it depends on the laws county by county in each state. Have a heart traps are great - I know apples work. The release them somedistance away in State owned land. Please don't drown them.

Most places you can't transport captured wild life but ..

I'd follow someones advice about putting something down their holes, but that seems like all they will do is make more holes. Again a German Shepard or any herding of hunting dog will chase them away and keep them away.

Answered 8 years ago by help1968


When we lived in Kentucky we had moles all over, I heard about Tom Cat, which is a product you can get at Wal Mart and Lowes, it looks like a clear fishworm, and it worked for me, everytime. There is something in the worm that does something to the moles brain from my understanding and drives them nuts, they soon leave.

Answered 5 years ago by smf

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