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Question DetailsAsked on 6/22/2013

Is K.Hovnanian Homes a good builder and trustworthy?

We are considering building a new home with K.Hovnanian in the west suburbs of Chicago.

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21 Answers

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K.Hovanian Homes has been around since about 1959, and builds about 10-15,000 homes per year pretty much across the US - generally midrange subdivisions rather than affordable or prestige level homes. Like any big company, they have had their share of problems and lawsuits - you can Google their name or check them on Wikipedia or Ripoff Report for more info on that issue.

From my personal experience in and related to the construction business over the past 50 years, Hovanian does not have a terrible reputation, but a number of their subdivisions have been reported to be lemons - built on bad ground, next to a bombing range, next to airport, in swamps, never landscaped or provided with promised recreational facilities, etc. It is possible the quality of the subdivision depends on who at Hovanian manages the operation, because some of their subdivisions have been big successes and are a popular place to live. While it is a subsidiary of a publicly (shareholder) owned company (Hovanian Enterprises), it is based on an Armenian family founded and run operation and still about 13% owned by insiders, so like any company bringing in family members and relatives over the generations, there are good and there are probably useless members.

In recent years, like many homebuilders, it has been losing a lot of money. There are a fair number of press reports about deteriorating quality in their product, and complaints (including legal actions) regarding reported bait and switch tactics in tying in-house insurance and financing to home contracts, and then attempting to illegally change the contract price if the buyer tries to utilize other financing sources. However, this sort of complaint applies to many long-term successful builders, so I can't say if they are better or worse than the competition. Just buyer beware.

Follow the caveat of buyer beware, get a good tight contract (in Illinois I would DEFINITELY have an attorney reviewing/preparing documents on your behalf), and beware if the Realtor or reaslty comapny you are dealing with is also the listing Realtor for the subdivision, because there is a blatant conflit of interest between your interest as a one-time buyer and their wanting to preserve their long-term relationship with the developer.

Answered 7 years ago by LCD


K. Hovnanian Homes is not a customer service oriented company. During the build out of the remainder of the area we live in, the contractors they hired were rude and inconsiderate to current residents. Driveways and streets were CONSTANTLY blocked, and parking on the streets was all taken by the contractors and the Project Manager; several times we could not get out of our own garage and made us late for work, school, and other events. We went to the Project Manager who was assigned to deal with issues and complaints, and all we received from him was an attitude that WE were in the way of his contractors. He did not do his job, he ignored any complaints we filed with him, and would not help resolve the situation in any way. The regional office for K. Hovnanian was then contacted, and things were better, but only for about a week, and then it went back to normal. Parking and access to our homes was still a problem, workers would start working before the time specificed in the city noise ordinances, and they would work past the specified time in the city noise ordinances. They left trash around all over, left nails in the streets and driveways (causing multiple flat tires), and very rarely cleaned up the area using a street sweeper like they are supposed to. So it was easy to see why the Project Manager would not listen to the residents because the Regional Office did not listen either. As the new homes were being built, and we watched to see how the work was being down, we noticed shortcuts being taken and and sloppy work being done, especially with the painting. The paint used on our house faded quickly and when seeing how the paint was being applied, it made sense why it didn't last; it hardly covered the exterior surface of the house. The window manufacturer that was used was aweful. Each of the windows on our house had to be replaced due to mold issues from terrible seals on the windows. If you want a shack to live in, then K. Hovnanian has a house for you. But if you want a home to enjoy with your family, then go with a different builder that uses trusted, professional, and considerate contractors, and has a good reputation for quality customer care and service.

Source: Personal Experience

Answered 6 years ago by dbundle


Hi, I am just wondering what you decided, and if you went with them how you feel. I am also looking to use them in a western Chicago new subdivision but have read nothing but bad reviews.


Answered 6 years ago by TinaM


Their southeastern florida division has a poor track record relative to homes that they have built. Extrremly poor supervision of their subcontractors results in poor workmanship and omission of responsibility. For some reason they believe it is easier to redo something at the owners expense of time and aggrevation than correctly the first time. We have 48 18" tiles that are cracked in every room that they can't repair satisfactorily due to size variations. The replacements are too large and would eliminate the grout lines on the repair. This is percieved as acceptable to them. After 1 1/2 years the slab is still expanding and contracting causing more tiles to crack.

It took over a year to correct the 5 page punch list, and the tile issue remains unsolved.

Answered 5 years ago by niteman50


Definitely sounds like you are getting the runaround on the tile. Having done quite a large number of damaged/cracked tile replacements on jobs I was not originally involved in, I can tell you that it is not unusual (especially with "clay" and "quarry" versus "ceramic" or "porcelain" tiles, for there to be size differences up to a half inch or so for large format tiles.

Three solutions:

1) cut tile to fit, rounding the cut edges and putting on colored tile instant glaze or permaglaze (or other names) which is actually an epoxy to a close match in glazing color. You can run the grout a tad high in that joint to cover up most of the cut/rounded surface to minimize the exposure of the variation in color.

2) search through several boxes of matching tile for tiles that fit.

3) usually only done for high-end jobs, is ordering custom size tiles from the manufacturer - most will produce custom prices for in-production lines, or take custom cut tiles you send them (for out of production they did not keep a sample of) and work up a custom glaze to approximately match, then reglaze and refire the tile. This is not cheap, of course, especially when you include shipping cost for heavy, highly padded tiles, but can produce an almost perfect match.

I would be sending a nastygram to headquarters about their poor punchlist performance, because it certainly does not sound up to snuff. I have to have some sympathy for the builders in this situation too, because they are dealing with a world of contractor managers and workers where it used to be maybe 10-15% were incompetent, did not care, were drunks, etc. Now it seems well over 50% of workers could not care less, have no work ethic, or are on drugs or drunk. I have worked remote site, high-risk industry, and government jobs with mandatory drug and alcohol testing where over half the prospective new hires or current workers failed the tests - and that was just the drug and alcohol fail percentage, not including the ones who could not care less or had zero work ethic ones who are the result of the spectacular education and parenting failure of the permissive society and teaching to high "self esteem" rather than performance. And that does not include the high school graduates who cannot make change or do 4th grade math, but were let through the system regardless of failing grades. Glad I am retiring from the business - it is just too hard to get a quality crew to produce a quality product these days.

Answered 5 years ago by LCD


Our experience with Khov has shown they lack customer service focusing on telling you to be happy with the end product. They discount your concerns during the build process with their workmanship and other items you question. After our roof shingles were installed (approximately 6 weeks) they started blowing off. The wind experienced to blow them off was moderate for the time of year. During rainstorms or winter storms in the Ohio area the winds would be much higher. The damage exposed tears in the tar paper exposing wood and was not addressed for 10 days with rain and snow occurring during the timeframe. In addition to the shingles that were blown off we were able to view shingles flapping up and down when a slight wind occurred. They were unwilling to perform a roof replacement and patched the areas that blew off. After the patch shingles showed signs of damage and a few were still turned up when the wind blew.

During the construction of our home we were given inaccurate information from our construction manager on why the water meter was moved in our house from the orginal blueprint location disrupting useable space in our finished basement. Yes, they did finally move it to the original blueprint location after extensive time from our side contacting our city engineer to discount inaccurate information given to us from the Khov construction manager and stopping draw requests for additional funds to build.

At our pre-drywall walk through all work was not completed. We paid for interior wall insulation that was not completed. We stated that to the Khov rep performing the walk though. When I contacted our construction manager informing him I would like another walk through to verify interior insulation, he stated it was completed after we left and if another walk through was required he would have to stop production as dry wall is currently being installed and it would cause a delay in our home closing date. We worked out a compromise on the phone that he could send me pictures of the insulation that I never received. In addition dry wall didn’t start until 1 week after our phone conversation, so the need to stop production delaying our home close date was not an issue as the construction manager mentioned.

Khov will also have you sign a document prior to build requesting 24 hours’ notice prior to you being onsite stating safety concerns or the want to make sure question you have can be answered. I would recommend not signing the document and asking them to provide a wavier form releasing them of any safety concerns with you being on the property. I have noticed many issues while showing up at the house unannounced. These items include cigarette butts on the interior floor, not covering heating vents with debris filling them, and workmanship items that are questionable.

As with any builder I am sure there are challenges experienced during the build process. This is the second home I have built and didn’t experience near the amount of issues with my prior builder. If you elect to build with Khov make sure you get everything in writing ( I mean everything as we don’t have a few items due to conversation with Khov staff that is not documented and the will ask you to provide documentation) and be prepared to invest extensive time from your side to monitor progress and the issues that will arise.

Answered 5 years ago by dbell1967


We recently had experience dealing with KHov folks selling over by Willowsford Farm in Ashburn,VA. Initially, they had a pretty good incentive package. Basically $30K of "free" incentive with additional $10K credited towards closing if you went with their lender. Sounds pretty fair right? We've put down the offer with a lot of upgrades (structural) and wrote up a contract putting down our initial earnest money. The experience after that was absolutely horrible and in my honest opinion, highly unethical.

Our offer/negotiation time took over a month. We gave them what was asked based on the price checklist sheet that they provided. Then there were a lot of back and forth that they want more money. It was to me a very much "bait and lure" game. The incentives to me were fake b/c in the end they wanted full price and more. They basically sat on the offer and entertained others to drive up the home sale value of the lot. The communication gap on the status of the contract was in gaps of days. Sometimes a week. They gave us verbal/preliminary acceptance a few times. Then they came back and reject the contract. We played this game a few times but in the end, the price of the home (to us) just inflated out of control and we folded.

What a waste of time. If they wanted to do this, why not just initially advertise the price. Very unprofessional and dirty business. I would NOT recommend folks going with kHov. It's such a shame b/c Willowsford is such a great community. It deserves honest builders doing business with home buyers.

Are other home builders like this?

Answered 5 years ago by bling683


No. My family worked with KHov in Willowsford, VA. We never even got to the phase of building our home, when K Hov began increasing base pricing, surprising us with hidden costs, construction from the agreed to layout changed (windows deleted, basement walkout moved) and incentives were decreased. Once again, after we have already come to an Agreement. In addtion the Sales Professional was not knowledgeable of the product, and was not a good resource. The Sales Professional could not answer basic spec questions and was incorrect about many of the statements that were made. Overall not a good experience. We have since moved our business to another builder. We will never pursue K Hov again.

Answered 5 years ago by MattD


WARNING! HORRIBLE! BEWARE! Is all I can say. I highly recommend you don't build with them. We have had several issues w'ith our home and we still haven't moved in. They told us aprx 110 days from the time of digging, it's now 175 days. Our basement has condensation around the whole perimeter. They back filled the house before the septic was completed and now it's costing us another $3000 to modify the septic systems that was approved. When designing the kitchen they have no clue , they are supposed to be able to advise me and I did not get the kithchen I thought I ordered. Communication with the job super is absolutely horrible. It took 5 weeks before they ever poured our basement, garage, and porches. The drywall is the biggest scab job I have ever seen. I have bows in my walls that you didn't notice till you painted. This because the 2 x 4 are bowed. I had 2 people that were considering building with them and I told them no way! I wish I would of bought an exisisting home and put money into that. Save your self the stress. There is nothin I can say good about them!

Answered 5 years ago by JGEORGE


Worst builder that I have ever done business with. Their work is terrible and the warranty department never answers email or calls. I will never build with this company ever again. Highly not recommended!!!

Answered 4 years ago by Joe1



This is Chris F. in Member Care. Thanks for your question. I'm happy to help!

I’m very sorry to hear about your difficulties with K.Hovnanian Homes. We’d really like to get this information to our other members and appreciate you letting us know. You can submit a review at the website.

You should know that Angie’s List is different from other online review sites as companies can't pay to be rated. We rely on support from our members and direct feedback just like yours. We can also work with you to resolve complaints and find the right company from the start.

So I really encourage you to first join our service, but you can submit feedback through our website or by giving us a call. While your feedback will be added to the provider's record, it won't affect the company’s ratings. Only Angie’s List members are able to increase or decrease a business's overall grade.

Angie's List also offers our Premium membership holders a program to help resolve complaints when they've had a negative service experience. You can find out more about our Complaint Resolution Program here. If you prefer, give us a quick call. One of our specialists would be happy to take your feedback and explain how Angie's List can leverage the "strength of numbers" to help you.

If you require further assistance, please let us know. You can respond to this thread or submit a new Answers post. You can also reach us at We're happy to help.


Answered 4 years ago by Member Services


No way. I just closed on a house they built on 10/02/15 and they act like they do not know me now. Repairs were suppose to be done before closing and were not. I have called and text many people trying to get all of the repairs done and no one answers their phone or text. My lawn was not cut for 3 weeks after closing and they only cut half of it and still have not done the flower beds. My kitchen floor, pantry door, closet door, concrete slab, cabinet drawer facing, blinds too short, blinds broken, yard work, wall in my attic, floor creeks going into the closet, above the shower has no grout, shutters are falling off, roof has humps are some of my problems. I would never buy a house from them again.

Answered 4 years ago by Sylvia


We live in Texas and have had a very bad experience with K. Hovnanian. The plumbing in our home was done by their 2nd teir contractor(who has since gone out of business) and as a result we have had multiple plumbing issues. We have also had several problems with the outside AC units. The units are still under warranty but dealing with the K. Hov warranty department is not a good experience. They are almost impossible to get a hold off and to top it off they never registered the AC units with the manufacturer so that has complicated things as well.

I will NEVER purchase a K. Hov home again and will never recommend them to anyone who asks.


Answered 4 years ago by aaronsasse


We have had many problems with this builder in Houston. In one year we had to report problems on an ongoing basis and we are still experiencing serious issues that are unresolved.

I will certainly not recommend this builder

Source: Houston Buyer

Answered 4 years ago by Shathi


In July of 2014 I signed a contract to build my "dream home" with Khov. They took there time and finally finished it in March of 2015. They provide a one year home warranty. 9 months after the warranty was up I sustained wind damage to the soffit on my covered porch and it all ripped down. When I called Khov about this they told me that they would not cover this because the warranty was up. My complaint is that I paid extra to have a better grade of siding installed and they did not install it properly. They went cheap on the furring strips and staples for the soffit.

Not only did they not cover the damage to the improperly installed soffit the service manager named Terry was very sarcastic during our conversation. I contacted the building department that did the inspections and they also felt that the soffit was not installed correctly because of the severe weather area that my house is in. I had this repaired and it cost me an additional $950. Thank Khov I will never recommend you to anyone I know. Ron F.

Answered 3 years ago by RonF6300


I was preapproved for a home in Windermere, Florida. This company later changed the conditions by sending me a conditional approval. I immediately voiced my concerns about meeting all of their conditions prior to closing but was told not to worry about it because there were several things that they could do to as the closing date approached to get the deal done.
Instead a week before closing, they sent me a letter stating that I didn't meet the conditions and asked if I would sign a form forfeiting my deposit.
I now have no home, my two small children have to change schools, and our savings has been stolen by K Hovnanian.
Do not trust this company. I spoke to other builders and they said that they would never treat a home buyer like this, let alone a veteran.
We are devastated.

Answered 2 years ago by jayroebuck


I live in Magnolia Creek subdivision of League City Texas. I can speak to the experience of all 13 homes on our block that were built at the same time in a new build out. They hire whomever they can to contract work out to. There are always some issues in every house and they did take care of those minor things...but they were due to sloppy work and caused time off from work for me to be here when they were fixed...scratches in tub, frame work damage to doors, leaky front door...etc.

The big issue is the roofing work. 2 houses during the warranty period, had to have either their whole roof redone or partial due to water leaks....not around pipes but due to poor installation...laying of the shingles. At least 3 others have had leaks for the same reason after the 1yr warranty and been told by differentt roofers, the cause was poor installation. Mine leaked into the attic and living area of my 1 story during recent heavy rain. The superintendent told me to use a roofer they use to use who did good work. When he came he stated how bad the installation was and took pictures. He said if he had done it, he would repair it for free. When I told the warranty people, the roofer all of a sudden couldn't do it but had his cousin do it due to pressure from the builder!!! I had it repaired and have seen certified mail with pictures and a request for reimbursement but they first never got the letter even though I have a signed reciept. Then they found it but now 2 months later have not heard back at all. Beware, they just care about your rating after the sale.

Answered 2 years ago by sasiene


Absolutely not. Avoid them at all costs and the costs will be high. Their worksmanship--done by subcontractors who don't speak English and are largely incompetent--cuts corners, is shoddy and full of failures to meet their contractual requirements. They are a slick sales firm but once you close, all "punch list" items (many of which can be substantial) are ignored and they don't return phone calls or follow up any messages. They just ignore you. Our builder talked a good game but did zero. His boss was apparently fired (I heard) as he was worthless too. And this was supposed to be one of their premier properties in South Carolina. I can't speak to Chicago but the corporate culture here is take your money and run. I would never consider building another home with them. The one I have has major flaws that I cannot correct and they won't.

Answered 2 years ago by Guest_9738051


I really wish we had researched K. Hovnanian more before we built with them. Our home was built in the summer of 2017. We were not told that K. Hovnanian would not provide any warranty on the exterior concrete until the day we were handed the keys. The surface of our driveway began crumbling with 5 months of us moving in. We waited until the following spring to contact KHov about the driveway when we reported other defects prior to the end of our first year in the home. We also found out that two of our neighbors who moved in the same week as us were having the same issue. We really thought it was a slam dunk that it was a building defect that they would fix. We were very much mistaken.

KHov waited several months (and after our first year anniversary in the home) to deny our claim. They pretty much said it was our fault for not sealing the driveway. I know for a fact that isn't the reason why the surface is crumbling. I have neighbors two doors down from me who have never sealed their driveway, and their driveway is pristine. I lived in my previous home for 18 years. I did not seal that driveway the first year and maybe sealed it 5 or 6 times in those 18 years, and it had very minimal signs of weather related damage when I left it. My new driveway looks like a 30 year old driveway and I'm expecting I will have replace it before it is 10 years old.

We had a company that specializes in concrete expection inspect our driveway and they confirmed that the issue with our driveway is poor workmanship because of improper curing and finishing of the concrete. I sent a letter they provided stating this to KHov, but KHov would not budge. Their response to that letter bordered on being rude.

At this point, our only option is go through an expensive arbitration process. I am honestly at a loss as to how KHov can get away with this practice. There are many other homes in our development with the same issue whose owners had the same experience dealing with KHov. I've discussed this situation with a lawyer. He stated that a builder cannot disclaim away a warranty on workmanship, and there is nothing in the contracts we signed that allows them to do this. Yet somehow that is exactly what they are doing.

Here is a recent picture of my driveway. That is just a small section, but entire driveway has patches like this. I was looking at my driveway today and noticed that the entire surface is covered with a web of fine cracks, so I expect it to get much worse over the next few years.

Answered 11 months ago by nvergottini


We had a new home built by Khovnanian. Over $ 425,000.00. Do not use this company for what will be the largest investment of your life. Period. The ENTIRE process was fraught with misinformation, inefficiency, poor communication, poor craftsmanship and quality.
During the planning we were provided options which later were not permitted. They lost our records and we had to start from scratch. They home design center incorporates no new technology to allow a client to "build" a room to see the selections paired. The company was delayed on every request for information needed for the mortgage company, title company and closing. At one point we were held up for a week because the executives were at a retreat in Costa Rica.
We were shown a TREX deck as an option for our porch, selected it, and found they poured a concrete porch instead. They would not change it. The Sales Supervisor was rude, condescending, disrespectful and unprofessional throughout those discussions.
We would come by every weekend during the build. Every weekend we found errors: instead of railings, they put up dry wall on the interior stairwell, builders lunch trash in the walls, and get this. . .I noticed water on the basement floor, pulled away the insulation on the wall to find a floor to ceiling crack in the foundation wall!! We hadn't even moved in yet. The building supervisor explained that it was from the backhoe filling in the dirt around the wall. He mentioned that they would repair it with epoxy which is "stronger that the original concrete". Here we are 3 months later - its leaking again! I called the service rep who tried to placate me saying "it's not a big deal". What?! Its my foundation!!!! We have cheap bathroom roof vent flappers which are too loose and tap constantly with the slightest breeze. Cheap products. We continue to find evidence of cutting corners with quality and craftsmanship.
I have had homes built in the past. Custom homes, KHov is FAR from custom homes, and have had great experiences. This has been, a terrible, disappointing and frustrating experience. I have absolutely no confidence in KHov, no respect for the company, and am disappointed in what should be a beautiful home in a great neighborhood.
Khovnanian is clearly in the business of rapid home builds. Build them and move on. This is reflected in all aspects of what we have experienced and continue to experience. There are many choices for home building. Do not choose Khovnanian.

Answered 9 months ago by Tony167


Overall they did an ok job. Had TONS of issues they had to come back and fix in year one. The major one was holes drilled through the roof that leaked water so bad it rained inside the house for 6 months. I ended up having to find the leak myself on a ladder in the rain at midnight before they actually tried to fix it. To their credit they did fix it eventually. But the water damaged carpet and blinds were not fixed. I was told they do not reimburse for secondary damages. So I'm out 500 bucks on customs blinds because of their poor workmanship. Really took bad when you consider it is a 500k home. 500 bucks to fix the blinds would have made this a positive review. Just hard to believe they admit it was workmanship and I had to do all the investigating to get it fixed and now I have brown stained and water damaged blinds to remind me of it everyday. Awesome.

Answered 9 months ago by Giardinm


I bought my new K Hovnanian home about 7 months ago. It's the best decision my wife and I have ever made. From the sales professionals to the finance to the closing they made the process as painless as possible. I work in construction and after living in our home for several months I'm very impressed with the quality of our home and can't believe the price we was able to get it for. There was 15year old homes in our area that was selling for the same price K Hovnanian sold me my home for. The home was built alittle over a year ago and there is no settling cracks anywhere. The heating and air works perfect and the plumbing and electrical is great. I have nothing bad to say about this experience. Its been incredible!

Answered 9 months ago by RWages

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