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Question DetailsAsked on 5/22/2011

Measure before cutting granite?

Ever remember measure twice cut once? None of these two granite installers took this into consideration. We are talking between the two, $8000 worth of services for these installations, and I was the one who caught the problems with both. Am I the bad guy to for pointing out what would of been disaster and spending twice for something they should get to begin with? They've done it wrong twice.

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5 Answers


As sensitive as you seem to be (to other readers - this is a reference to a different thread) about busting your backside for folks who forget to provide feedback through Angie's List when your good work is finished, this seems to be an opportunity for you to stress with a new member and even another why it is important for all sorts of feedback to get into the system.

The new member may have picked a top-rated granite company but the sounds of the work tells me that this isn't the first shoddy job they've done so somehow the unhappy moments aren't getting into the system.

Encourage them to write a review - a fair one but a thorough one.

Rate the granite folks honestly and trust that the system will eventually balance out. And, make sure they know that AL has a time-out corner that sloppy or bad businesses are sent to in an attempt to improve the result for the consumer. Not an easy suggestion since they are probably at wit's end and only want to get their financial issue resolved so they can awaken from the bad dream. All the more reason to prolong the agony long enough to offer something to offset the glowing reports.

Good catch!

Answered 9 years ago by Old Grouch


I think you're doing a great service by disclosing the poor work that has been done by these installers, but it would be even more helpful if you named the companies that are providing such poor service, so that others on the message board can avoid using them.

Answered 9 years ago by Rumble


[quote user="Rumble"]I think you're doing a great service by disclosing the poor work that has been done by these installers, but it would be even more helpful if you named the companies that are providing such poor service, so that others on the message board can avoid using them.[/quote]

500 Kent Road
Batavia, OH 45103-1739

Here's the conclusion to this whole saga. The customer threw an ultimatum of what he'd do to get his money back and the company FINALLY called, visited, and promised a time to resolve the issue. The company came out with their 3 best installers, excluding the owner's son and replaced the section that was damaged.

They drilled the holes correctly this time and were properly centered and not egg-shaped. They were able to correct the problem with the drop-in sink and everything mounted correctly. I will admit it was difficult but I knew this from granite installs to begin with.

The company *also* deducted $500 off the final tally of the bill for the inconvenience created by the situation.

Even though the work was finally done and done according to industry standard, I believe it was finally addressed by the contractor ONLY by the sincere insistence by the two homeowners. If they would of laid down to the cause and just "chalk it up" to experience, I believe whole-heartedly that this company would of walked away with money in hand and try to do better on the next customer.

The Angie's List member (along with my ongoing suggestions) definitely played a part in the resolution process. The member is still going to report on the company honestly for the events that took place.

You shouldn't have to babysit your service providers in your home to guarantee you are getting the best product they so promote.

After 4 weeks of this homeowner doing his dishes in his laundry room out of a laundry tub, spending $300 with a lawyer to send a letter, countless phone calls and paying another granite installer $100 to say how banged up his situation is,

he has his kitchen back, working. People don't understand how many hours are spent trying to defend themselves in situations like these. I felt truely obligated to help him get through it since he was intrigued by the the system (Angie's List) and the protection offered by choosing service providers from within the system.

The guy hit a glitch with this company. 1 report is not enough to make a solid buying decision but I understand fully why the homeowners was taking chances in the matter. Trying to get someone before christmas with all saying no except this company and taking advantage of the customer's next two weeks of vacation seemed ideal. All the print above spelled out a totally different chain of events.

Answered 9 years ago by RK44


Talked to customer two days ago, consulted with another professional granite installer and recommended verbatim my exact sentiments about the holes drilled in the countertop were faulty.

He also explained that in order to replace one single section in between two other already installed pieces....he would have to charge more if by some way he damages them upon removal...he has to take that into consideration.

His suggestion was to have the granite installer come back, remove ALL granite from the home, have them sign a document stating that if they damage the walls/backsplash/cabinets that they will be liable for such actions.

The sink that they damaged will be able to be reused with not any major issue. ($300)

The AL customers sought legal representation and sent a letter of intent for the contractor to comply.

I absolutely would not want to be on the receiving end of this; I wouldn't set myself up doing shoddy workmanship to start but even this so-called "granite installer" doesn't realize what his poor workmanship has created. With legal counsel involved.....I'm pretty sure that some kind of retribution will be made for not having a kitchen sink in their home for the past 4 weeks, and counting due to this fiasco.

The granite owner's son is to blame for all the work reliability issues in this job. Young guy working under dad's wing and thinks that installing 6 granite tops a week is good enough no matter if you are doing shoddy workmanship or not.

A definite thorn in the side so to speak and they should at least be continuing verbal communication with this homeowner.

Answered 9 years ago by RK44


Here's what I wrote in another forum on what happened and what I recommended: .
<div id="post_message_63154">&nbsp;<strong>

Customer called me today......said the granite guys were going to come out.......they didn't show nor call.

So here's what I told the homeowner to do:

Send a letter of intent by certified mail to the company regarding the situation
Hire 3 reputable granite installers to get written estimates on damaged piece
Determine the cost of replacement of granite section including sink that was damaged
Create chronological timeline of events, pictures, estimates
Record costs incurred regarding stop payments on checks, plumber's charges
Contact BBB, AL, seek legal advice/representation

The customer already cancelled his last check with this point he's going to get 3 estimates to time stamp the actual damage since they won't come out to examine the problem themselves (Reasonable Man Theory Applied) and then have me install the faucet/RO system as best I can until the new granite installer can come out and replace the granite.

What he's paid so far......3 of the 4 pieces of granite are satisfactory and he is content that what he has spent is equal. He cancelled final payment which was half the agreed the homeowner does have leverage at this point to get what he should of had to begin with; a granite top with no cracks/epoxy and follows industry standard.:</strong></div><div></div><div>&nbs
p;. <br />
<br />__________________I checked AL in regards to how far up the list this company was,,,,how many reports. Come to find out that the installers on the top of the list are advertisers, have a huge mixed bag of up and down ratings. So this guy started going down the list trying to find someone willing to take on the work before christmas which narrowed the field, and he went on to mention that the company he hired was more expensive than others....just only 1 report.Now only having 1 report is a considerable implied risk altogether as it doesn't show much of anything....even though it was all A's. My company has almost 4 reports over 4 years so people are guaranteed to see a pattern of whether I'm consistent or not. And even though I'm SS award winner in my area 3 years running with another one possibly around the corner...I STILL get people as cautious as ever, concerned that someone is going to take advantage of them. Wanting set prices in my profession is rare so I don't know how they expect that from me.I told the above member that for what he's paid for in regards to the "other" pieces of granite, his money's worth is not in question. I'm curious to know what the 3 opinions of other installers calculate in cost to replace and if it comes in higher than the total price of the initial charge of the default contractor.I counted all the reports in total for all the granite/countertop installers in my area: 34 Reports shared by 21 companies, 4 of those 21 were Home Depots in different locations, 14 of those 21 only have 1 report to gauge off of. The Cincinnati chapter is relatively new still (4 years) so that is part of the reason for lack of the reports, most know why for the latter.

Answered 9 years ago by RK44

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