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Question DetailsAsked on 7/3/2012

Mexican dental work - any recommendations? good/bad experiences?

May need some extraction, bone grafting, implants. Local dentists will be getting close to 5 figures for this work. Am looking for less expensive options (no insurance).

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17 Answers


I went to Denticenter in Tijuana and have had good luck so far. Because they are a preferred provider for several insurance companies, the insurance companies check the resumes and sterilization standards. if you go to that office the clinic owner does implants, and hr did post grad training at USC. There are quite a few dentists in Mexico who have.

Your best bet is to see if the Mexican dentist is a provider for any US insurance companies, because you know that the sterilization standards are comparable to the US.

I had 3 implants and am happy so far. I got my final crowns a few months ago. Having said that, there are lots of great dentists in Mexico.

Answered 8 years ago by Susie


I would recommend going to Algodones, Mexico which has a great selection of quality dentists in like 5 city blocks.

The clinic I went to for my cleaning/fillings was Sani Dental Group and I scheduled my appointment through Dental Departures which walked me through the different options/clinics in Algodones.



Answered 8 years ago by autumn


Went to Denticenter in Tijuana

The offices and equipment are clean and staff very friendly.
I had 2 implants and 12 crowns done here. The implants done by Dr. Eng went fine. After that it was not good.Two teeth that are not right and should not have been placed. A non English speaking dentist making excuses for this through a barely English speaking interpreter. Sloppy lab work, two redo and the two that shouldn't have been placed. Hindsight(20/20), should have gone elsewhere.
The dentists are, for the most part, just out of dental school, with little or no professional experience. And while cheap by U.S. standards, the prices are higher than that charged by many experienced Tijuana dentists or specialists.

Answered 7 years ago by bruno2


You can find cheap dentists anywhere outside of the US. That's not the problem. The problem is: Who are you going to sue if your implants/crowns fail and you need to pay 3 times the money to fix it in the US? Isn't it better to pay for it being done right first time around?

Answered 5 years ago by Guest_91364631


In response to last person who asked:

"Who are you going to sue if your implants/crowns fail and you need to pay 3 times the money to fix it in the US?"

Who are you going to sue in the US if your dental work is shoddily performed, when you are a person who can barely afford dental work? Do you think you will have the money to pay the lawyer's retainer to sue that multimillionaire dentist? Don't you think the dentist will have a better, more expensive lawyer, or that the company who insures said dentist will have a better more expensive lawyer.

Yeah, things are so much more fair, with more accountablility in the US.

I've had implants and gum surgery that didn't work out in the US and had no accountablility. The dentist said that my mouth doesn't heal as well as other peoples and that is not his fault. I can't afford to sue. At least in Mexico my dental fees aren't supporting a whole industry of malpractice insurance companies and middlemen.

Answered 5 years ago by Liza4567


Answered 5 years ago by Liza4567


Two points that were covered by other answers need to clarified.

(1) Just because a dentist is a "Preferred Provider" or acepts dental insurance from the US does NOT mean that the office has been approved for sterilization. It simply means that the office chooses to take the discounted fee that the insurance company is willing to pay. Never, in over 20 years of working as a dental business manager has an insurance carrier ever stepped into the office or asked for sterilization reports.

(2) Although a patient may not be able to afford to hire an attorney for a dentist's negligent behavior, in the US there are several avenues a harmed patient can choose that do not cost any money. These would include contacting state licensing bureaus, the American Dental Association, and state insurance oversears if the patient's treatment was covered by dental insurance.

Good Luck.

Answered 5 years ago by Provendental


My husband and I have been using the the same Dental practice in Tijuanah for 7 years. We fly from the the east coast just to go there. Two female Orthodontist, both wonderful, skilled and save us literally thousands of dollars.

My husband just went back recently, first visited a dentist here in Brunswick Ga. then sent our Mex. Dentist the xrays. The local dentist here said he was impressed with her work and said "go" with his blessing. Saved $6,000.even with airfare. We are lucky, have somewhere to stay with friends near the border, park on the US side then get a cab.

Depending what you need, you may need to put aside a couple of weeks. First a visit which she will schedule leaving a whole morning just for you, then you will have to wait for bridge, caps, inplants or whatever to be made, back again to get them fitted, than another visit a few days later for final check up and adjustments. She and her partner speak excellent english so you can always e-mail her with questions before going. Highly recommend! Only downside can be the return across the border, if you hit the wrong time od day it can take ages! Not a problem if you stay in Mex the whole time but Tijuanah not the most beautiful odf cities! Dr. DJ could probably recommend a good safe place to stay.

Dont know if I can post name of practice here but will and hope thats o.k.

Check out her video at: and look for Dr. Dejadera (think that's spelt right!)

Answered 5 years ago by lopus


I had work done at the Sani Dental Group in Algodones MX and stayed at Quechan Casino & Resort during the time I was there which was a vacation in itself. Many people were getting work done from there and were happy with the results.

I did the reservation though Dental Departures. The bridge I had done turned out beautiful and functional with tight margins! I would go back in a heartbeat for other high cost dental work!

I'll continue to get my dental cleanings done in the States and check ups, but any dental crowns, implants I will trust to Sani Dental. They have all dental specialties on site. The other big savers in Algodones are optical and pharmacy and on street shopping of various goods.

As far as the bad, I have all my teeth crowned over the years, and many with root canals. I have had nightmare dental work done here in the States as well as good. Nightmare stories are everywhere.Just do what your doing now with recommendations. You'll be fine.

Answered 5 years ago by Drivers1


Dental Departures sent me to PVSMile in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. What a nightmare! AVOID THEM BOTH! PVSmile Dr. Rivas promises crowns in 4 days. I had to return again on day 5, he promised it would be ready next day, day 6 I had to return, he promised next day, day7 he promised it would be ready a few hours before my departing flight. He put on a supposedly ZIRCONIUM CROWN THAT CRACKED IN 1 HOUR!!. I retuned with 3 hours remaining to flight back to U.S.. He put on temporary, said he will send new crown by mail, and I can glue it on at home myself. Crown arrived without glue, so I wanted PVSmile to pay for a dentist here to put it on. He sent my new cost by Pay Pal, with a 21 day hold and expected me to pay Pay Pal the $12 transaction fee, that greedy bum. I got Dental Departures to convince this greedy incompetent dentist to reimburse me via Western Union. Then, the U.S. dentist found the crown terribly mis-matched, no way to make it fit, after she tried for 1 hour. Avoid Dental Departures and avoid PVSmile at all costs, I now am trying to get PVSmile to pay for a crown made here, at U.S. costs, it's the only way now. Dr. Rivas should not be licensed, but in Mexico it's possible apparently. Dental Departures should not refer people to such pathetic places, but they do, and did it to me. AVOID THESE PEOPLE, IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK AND PROBLEMS, EXCUSES AND VERY SUB-STANDARD WORK, that's what you will get for your money with these folks.

Source: Nicholas Naccari, Santa Cruz, California

Answered 4 years ago by NICNAC88


In Algodones MEXICO a town just south of Yuma, Arizona is Full of dentists and caters to hundreds of patients from all over the US and Canada every day. Google dentists, Algadones and you will see web sites with prices for various procedures. My wife and I have had root canals, extractions, fillings and partial plates made and have been happy with the results.

The total has been a fraction of the cost north of the border. Good luck and it's well worth the trip south.

Answered 4 years ago by Glencol


I have lived near the border in Tucson and San Diego before that. As a dentist I would like to share a few thoughts.

Reasons to avoid Mexico:

1) I see the awful work from Mexico all day long. I get to fix it all. Just today 5 teeth. 3 were in a horrible, poorly designed bridge.

2) There are no safety standards. The person who wrote about the insurance not checking an office is correct. Insurance companies only ask if an office does certain things. They do not check. Just because an office takes a particular insurance that is based in the United States means absolutely nothing.

3) You then think to yourself - well what is making US dentists do things correctly? Answer: Health department and OSHA audits that DO happen at random. We even have environmental regulations for amalgam removal and chemical hazard control.

4) There is no state board or regulatory agency.

5) Why is it cheaper? Less overhead like rent, malpractice insurance, lower wages for their staff and potentially unregulated supplies that may not conform to FDA standards.

6) With no regulation, less fear of lawsuits and who knows what other motivation it seems that the quality of the work is far and away much poorer. For Example: poorly fitting crowns which allow the teeth to decay underneath. When you come to see a dentist stateside because it's an emergency and you can't get over the border you find out that the tooth is now not restorable or has to have a new crown put on it. Did you really save any money?

7) There are many options that are of lower cost in the United States. Community Health Centers are an excellent option. Federally Qualified Health Centers offer sliding scales for those who meet income guidelines. I know because I have worked in several.

8) How do you judge the quality the work that goes in your mouth? It doesn't hurt? It looks ok? Do you know what materials they use in their crowns? Heavy metal? Lead? Often times a patient can not tel what the quality of the work is in their mouth until it fails. Does that mean that a US dentist work is perfect? No. But I often see much lower standards of care when comparing work done in the US vs Mexico. Even the dentists that work at corporate chains do better work sometimes.

Other thoughts:

With all of the people in the United States hurting for work do you want to help out the economy of another country? Yes, the fee might be more in the US but you are probably supporting a US citizen in their job.

Just some thoughts.

Answered 4 years ago by azdent


Regarding the comments about Dental Departures and the doctor they sent him to: Dental Departures is a just a third party listing service. They don't have doctors working for them to answer questions, they just make appointments and that's it. When you book an appointment with Dental Departures you get nothing, no guarantees, nothing. They don't verify the offices like they claim to, they don't verify the licensing of the offices like they claim to. All Dental Departures cares about it getting their commission from booked appointments. Their priority is to get you in the doctor's chair, any chair so they get their cut. That is their only goal. So always call the office you are interested in and talk to the people in the office. Look for references other than reviews on Dental Departures. And honestly, the best way to find a good doctor in another country is from a reference from someone you know. Do you homework and totally stay away from Dental Departures, What Clinic, and many other sites that lure you in with false claims of integrity and guarantees. There are none. Search the clinic you are interested in, find their website and call them directly to get a feel for the place. You can verify a doctor's license in Mexico for example, online at Also, a diploma does not equal a license. A license is a completely separate document. It has a photo on it and a license number. And any office not in the USA that has an ADA (American Dental Association) logo displayed is using a false logo. The ADA only issues Affiliate Memberships to foreign doctors and those are in a certificate form and also an Affiliate Member ID card with the same number. The document will have the doctor's name and "Affiliate Member Dentist" only, on the document. If you see any false documents that's an immediate red flag.


Answered 4 years ago by Consumerwatch


Avoid Mexican Dentists!!!!! especially avoid Rivas, P.V Smile., this Mexican "expert" left massive decay under crown, gave constant excuses, and left me to return to U.S. on my last day, with a temporary on the simple crown he started a week in avance!!! real manyana mentality, and Dental Departures shouldn't recommend such types, but they said he was their best. Stuck with a half finished job, it cost me much more to fix it after returning to the U.S... A few years ago I flew to Poland for dental work, it was much better than Mexico, and less expensive. Try Igor owner of the Smile Clinic in Gdansk, Poland, very good cosmetic and implant dentist, via, also Gdansk is a beautiful area for sightseeing, beautiful looking ladies and inexpensive beer.

Source: Nick Nac

Answered 4 years ago by NICNAC88


I have just completed a sinus lift and bone grafting in 3 areas in Puerto Vallarta on 8/29/17. I had done extensive research and pricing in both the US and PV, Mexico area. Discovered Dr. Benjamin Armenta, Armenta Dental Studio. Dr. Benjamin has his degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery and a Diploma in Implantology. Other places I visited I PV called in a surgeon from Guadalajara. I was very uncomfortable to work with a surgeon I had never met. Dr. Benjamin did an amazing job. He is very caring and professional. He sent and answered all my emails personally. Surgery was over 3 hours but had minimal swelling and the tiniest singular bruise for only 2 days. I could not be happier with my choice and since I live in PV several months each year, he is my new to go person for all my dental work. My husband scheduled a deep cleaning and Zoom whitening procedure done by Dr. Benjamin’s wife who is also a dentist. He said he has NEVER had such a thorough cleaning (she cleaned for 2 hours). Their pricing is approximately 1/3 of US pricing. I do not hesitate to recommend them and know that anyone will be pleased with their experience with them.

Here is all their information:,, +52 322 225 1000.

If you have need more information from me, I can be reached at

Here is all information:,, +52 322 225 1000.

Answered 3 years ago by smulvihill


Sani dental is the big and most well known dental clinic in Molar City. In Cancun it's Ocean Dental that people recommend and pricing is a lot cheaper than in the US. Quno has reviews and pricing here, but it varies by patient


Answered 2 years ago by tim1123


I would recommend going to Francis Dental in Rosarito. I found them based on numerous postive reviews. My dad had muliple crowns and implants done there, and I've had plenty of work done myself. You will have to drive or take an uber since it is 20 minutes south of the border. However, I find Rosarito to be a more pleasant town than tijuana for a nights stay.

Answered 2 years ago by sundance007

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