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Question DetailsAsked on 5/24/2014

Thoughts on using Home Depot for window install?

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18 Answers


Personally I look at it like going to the grocery store and asking the guy mopping the floors to cook the steak you are buying. It doesn't make much sense. They are a retailer, not a contractor. Most stores that offer install services hire out laborers to do the work or occassionally sub-contract, depending on the job. Either way, you are paying someone to pay someone to, possibly, pay someone else to do the job you need completed. Instead just pay a professional directly.

Answered 6 years ago by Todd's Home Services


I am sure you might find one or two subcontractors that do installs for Home Depot or Lowes but cross your fingers. From some of the horror stories I have heard they will try to fix problems with customers but why take a chance. The installs by all these outfits is done by a series of people and none directly work for the Big Box store you are contractng with. They have a sub go out to measure and then one of their people does the install, some may have an inhouse person that may do spot checks on the work done but most of them are number crunchers and not trades people and may not know much more than you do about the trade they are checking on/

I know of one of the big guys that just had major fines levied on them for failing to have some of their subs comply with the lead abatement policies or be certified with the EPA. Though many of the prices for install turn out to be higher than what you pay to a local contractor there are so many levels of people involved that the only way they can cut cost is to go for the cheapest labor. On a recent kitchen job my supplier saw the quote for HD's price and when I told him my install price he said it was too low. I raised mine 25% and the interior designer that brought him into my guy added 60% to mt price and it was still lower.

Angies List is great but you can get a broader view of the problems if you Google Home Depot installation complaints. I have one friend that actually got his carpet for free because after three tries they job still was not done properly and they refunded his money.


Answered 6 years ago by ContractorDon


Thank you guys! OK, they are OFF my list of possible installers!

Answered 6 years ago by Guest_98970751


Get three estimates. Know the performance ratings ( u-value) check the BBB to find out complaints, we recomend windows by OKNA go to


Answered 6 years ago by the new window man


Im 58 years old, known by others as a real handyman, however, doing 21 windows on a my west facing wall of my 2 story home was beyond my capabilities. I've been a home owner for 30+ years, having done hundreds of big projects, and trained by an older true craftsman on slate roof and copper work. I believe I know what quality is, and what we used to call, "shoemakers". in my Chandler, Az. area I was unfortunate to get shoemakers to install my orange big box store replacement windows.

I could fill a small book of what went wrong, but lets just say that after the last rain from the west and the water dripping through almost all of my sashes and I've just gotten off the ladder from re-caulking my windows for the 6th time in 3 years, that if someone ever asks, "What is the Worst investment you have ever made in your life?", I'd chuckle and immediately say, "The $11,000 I spent on 21 windows from HD".

Just don't do it, don't, don't, don't, don't. When you walk by their window display with the heat lamp, don't make eye contact with a salesman, don't respond to anyone, just keep looking forward, and keep walking.

I don't know what to tell you or who to recommend, but I might try Chandler glass for my next windows. But now, before I ever pull such a big trigger, I'll have all the right questions. Do as much research as you possibly can.

Answered 5 years ago by beforewarned


I may just be lucky but I don't think so. I've bought a roof, gutters, insulation and windows from HD.

i have no complaints at all. Everything went well. The material used was just what the salesman said it would be and the installation on all the jobs went well too.

i thought the prices were a tad higher than two private contractors I checked with. But like many others I have had bad experiences with good contractors who have retired,gone out of business or whatever.

the slightly higher price (about 12%) was ok by me for the peace of mind I felt dealing with a larger company and their tremendous warranties.

maybe not for everybody but for me, all good.

Answered 5 years ago by Newwave


I got several quotes on the replacement of my old windows with modern hurricane-resistant impact windows here in South Florida, and I decided to go with The Home Depot - I liked the characteristics of (and the warranty for) the product they offered, and I trusted the sales consultant's promise that Home Depot really stands behind their product and goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Don't worry, I was told: if anything goes wrong, The Home Depot will make sure it's made right.

However, a few days after signing the contract, I was informed that the product they sold me would not meet my county's standards for impact resistance (basically this means they cannot legally be sold here). I was told that Home Depot would be able to upgrade me to a "deluxe" product that met all my (and my county's) requirements but that *I* would be responsible for the price uplift - approximately 30% over the originally quoted price... no, Home Depot would not honor the original price in our SIGNED contract.

As an alternative, they did offer to sell me an inferior product with an inferior warranty at a lower price.. but even if I'd been interested in lowering my standards, I think Home Depot's unwillingness to honor its contract and "make the situation right" told me all I needed to know about its promise to rectify any future quality/installation issues and ensure I'm a satisfied customer. If they couldn't stand behind their contract three days after I signed it, how could I expect them to do so several years down the road?

I guess I got lucky - I was able to find out about Home Depot's true colors before it was too late!! (They were at least quick about refunding my deposit..)

Answered 4 years ago by Hal954


I bought windows from Home Depot 15 years ago. There was no problem with installation. 15 year later they are still in good shape. The only problem is that two of the windows are difficult to lock. I recently had the picture window and side windows windows in my living room replaced by Home Depot and I am totally satisfied. Love them. No problem with installation. When I told the person who came to give the estimate about the two windows which are difficult to lock he told me to tell the installers who were going to install my new windows, and they would fix the old ones because they are guaranteed for life. Price for replacing the picture window with four crank out windows was competitive. I checked Pella and Anderson - both their medium grade - and my contractor said it would be less expensive to go with Home Depot. Glad I did because they look fantastic. I've had two good experiences.

Answered 4 years ago by nonnie


DO NOT get windows at Home Depot!! You'll be very, very disappointed.

I'm going through a very trying time with them right now. I wish someone would have told me to go to a local window contractor instead of this place!

Nothing but an expensive headache. I'm up in age and am at a loss as to what to do with the windows I just had installed two months ago...they are no good! They howl as if the house were 150 years old. (It's 20 years old.)

The rep. hasn't gotten back to me for 3 weeks now.

Answered 3 years ago by MickiKuz


Absolutely NOT. Go take a tour of the HD replacement window isle. You'll see several windows to fit every price point. They are first and foremost, a retailer. Don't even think about asking anyone there for professional advice. The Clerks are at, or near minimum wage, and aren't paid for specialized knowledge.

Some HD windows, at the top price point, are actually decent. Installation however, is performed by luck of the draw, from Contractors in The HD Rolodex file. Some are good, others are bottom of the barrell. Either way, contractors normally recieve a set amount, per window removal and install. Should your job require anything is extra. Most of the contractors will do the least amount possible, as subpar work is easy to hide, and time is money.

Warranty? Prepare to take pictures and document EVERYTHING. As your HD store pays standard retail wages, that person who assured you of taking care of your problem...WILL be gone as soon as another job pays 25cents more per hour. (Can you blame them?) Keep ALL paperwork, and name, date, and time of all contact. I couldn't take the headache and the risks.

Answered 3 years ago by phil


I paid quite a fair amount of money to purchase and install the best custom Windows Home Depot offered with a Lifetime Warranty on Windows and screens. They have the double pane Argon Gas with the interior grids, you name it. Three years later they are discoloring, leaking and a few of the screen frames need replaced. I originally contacted the regional service department in May 2016 for an appointment for repairs. After close to 60 phone calls to regional and corporate, dealing with 4 managers that mysteriously leave the company, 20 documented unfulfilled promises...still no service. I can't even get a return call. I have been told every excuse you can imagine as to their breakdown and just how sorry they are. But still, as of December 11, 2016 I have no contact, no return calls, and no service. So, if you purchase the cheaper Windows with no service warranty you will probably be fine. If you purchase the $6000 more lifetime service and repair warranty, you are wasting your money! The whole point of lifetime warranty is peace of mind. I have gotten none of that. I have mass amounts of documentation, names, phones numbers, etc., If anyone would like some worthless Home Depot contacts.

Answered 3 years ago by Angeline


It's possible HD can do the install, but know what you are getting into. I did a consult with HD after I got pricing for the windows and decided to have HD install them. I wanted the Andersen A series or 400 series. I had a budget but would not tell them that. The sale guy wanted me to buye a HD brand for which he could not give any info on build or spec. He told me he used it in his mother's house and how reasonably price it was. I asked him I need to see write-up on the windows. He could not provide any info. After 2 hours, I got rude and asked him to leave. Surreal experience. He did not come prepared to talk about A series or the 400 series, jsut the window he was peddling.

Answered 3 years ago by odeminera


I had Home Depot install windows for me. They did a great job and it was a great experience. We found that Home Depot guarantees the warranty. They administer the manufactures warranty. This means that if the window ever breaks you simply call the Home Depot and they get the parts and pieces needed and they get it fixed. They also offer a lifetime labor warranty on most of their windows that they install. So the warrant is Home Depot, not some contractor that you've never met before and have no idea if they will go out of business tomorrow.

This is extremely important because when you purchase a window and have it installed by whom ever that contractor can only offer you the manufactures warranty. Remember the contractor does not own the window manufacture. The warranty comes from the manufacturer. The only thing a contractor can guarantee is his labor. As we all know many contractors Come and go. Many states only require a one year labor warranty. So do you really have a Warranty. Nope!

Answered 3 years ago by Mxc2670


Horrible Horrible service. I gave up. If the service is so bad the product is probably just as bad. They took 10% down and three weeks later had not yet ordered my windows. Took $50.00 down to measure for doors and no one showed up for 5 or 6 weeks after I apid the deposit. Took over an hour on the phone being transferred from place to place to get a refund.

I could go on and on..... Some dishonest people some just not smart or reliable. What a nightmere.

Answered 2 years ago by Guest_92832901


While they did not install a window, they did install a door. I say, I will never use HD installation services again for anything. I learned a good lesson the hard way. My main complaint is that the store installed my door the way "most people do it" rather than how I wanted it even though it was a custom install. The next complaint is that they did not provide a complete solution. No painting matching or painting at all. Left it to me to find a painter to paint the bear wood and white 2 color door Jam. The 3rd complaint is that they cracked a floor tile inside the house and chipped a lot of the exterior wall at the jam during installation. Very little care was taken to avoid damaging the portion of the house the installation touched.

So do yourself a favor, hire a competent Contractor and leave home depot to what it does best; sales.

Answered 2 years ago by Parriss


I'm a handyman/contractor and have no issue using Home Depot for Windows, Doors, roofing, etc., if you don't know a reliable, reasonably priced contractor. Their installers are licensed & bonded and are a much better choice than going to the highest pressure window sales companies like Andersen Renewal.

When my father built homes back east he almost exclusively used Andersen since they made an extremely high quality product.

Now, I can't even get a quote from these window companies without committing to a high pressure sales visit where the cost is typically 30-50% more expensive of you're lucky.

If you have money to burn then using these professionals is fine but don't assume they will do a good job unless you check them out on Yelp and other social platforms to get dozens if not hundreds of positive reviews before you select one of these companies.

Retailers like Home Depot & Lowes offer guarantees on any work done. Over time, just like these professionals they will have an installer that makes mistakes on an installation.

The window company will fire an installer that costs them money and Home Depot will not hire a contractor that continues to cost HD money.

The big difference is which company will still be around in 10, 15, 20+ years if you have a problem. Home Depot is a good bet.

i recently had a customer with a brand new home in 2012 experience problems with one of their expensive windows in a $10M home.

The "professional" that installed all the windows and made big bucks won't even answer my customer's calls. The vast majority of quality window manufacturers have infinitesimally small failure rates. The majority of issues come from the negligence of the installer. Home Depot guarantees this so regardless if the window leaks, the installer fails or has gone out of business, you still have a warranty with Home Depot.

Just get references from HD on your choice of installers.

Answered 2 years ago by Option7


Never use Home Depot for a window installation. Firwst of all, they are not cheap. but aside from that, they are unreliable and unresponsive. Stay away!

Answered 2 years ago by geop9999



I replaced all the windows in my home. I gave HD a 25% downpayment on October 1 2018. The initial install was done in two days on December 16-17. On the first day I called the HD salesman and told him there were serious quality control issues with almost all the windows. He referred me to his assitant. I called the next day to again complained. I was once again referred to his assitant. Afterward I heard nothing for over two months. I called and found out the assistant was gone and nothing had been done. I never saw an actal HD employee until March 2019. LSS - some windows were reordered, they were no better and some worse than what they were replacing; four were reordered 3 times total, they never got them right and finally never installed them. This dragged on unil January 2020 when the last windows were installed. The installers hired were great and i hired them independently to rebuild my deck. The issue was Home Depot bought windows from a company that hadserious quality control issues and the widows sent to replace the initial ones installed were no better. They arrived filthy & scratched. i had to hire window washers and it took them two days to get the grime off. HD reimbursed me eventually. HD gave me $5000 credit for this disaster. I am a stock holder, I have not since then nor will I ever shop HD again. I am going to Lowes.

Answered 5 months ago by JTT

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