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Question DetailsAsked on 11/22/2014

What are my options when I have been severly wronged by a computer repair service with good ratings on Angie's List

Advance Computer Experts, with ratings on Angie's List, said they could repair my computer for a specified price and reinstall my operating system and printer software. After 8 weeks and NO contact from them, just stories whenever I called for an update on my computer, they installed the wrong operating system, did NOT install my printer software and tried charging me twice the amount of the repair quote for crap they put on my computer WITHOUT asking my permission. When I made it clear over & over again I have a 64 bit operating system & thats the way I wanted to keep it, the owner & some new employee challenged me more than 6 times asking if I'M SURE AND HOW DID I KNOW WHAT SIZE OPERATING SYSTEM I HAVE. I PROVED TO THEM HOW I KNEW AND ALSO TOLD THEM TO LOOK AT THE MICROSOFT SYSTEM LABEL ON THE SIDE OF MY COMPUTER. THEY GOT MAD THEN SAID THEY DIDN'T HAVE WHAT WAS NEEDED TO REINSTALL THE CORRECT SYSTEM SO THEY INSTALLED A 32 BIT OPERATING SYSTEM WITHOUT TELLING ME BECAUSE IT WAS EASIER

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3 Answers

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This is Kyle K from Member Care. Thanks for your question. I'm happy to help!

I’m very sorry to hear about your difficulties with Advance Computer Experts. We’d really like to get this information to our other members and appreciate you letting us know. Feedback can be submitted anytime through our website. Just use the "Write a Review" tab located in the green banner after logging in.

Angie's List also offers our members a program to help resolve complaints when they've had a negative service experience. I hope this information help! Please let me know if I can assist further. You can respond to this thread or submit a new Answers post. You can also reach us at We're open weekdays from 8:00 am - 9:00 pm and Saturdays 8:00 am - 5:00 pm ET.

Answered 4 years ago by Member Services


In all honesty, and of course dependent upon what brand or type of system you have, there should not be an issue reinstalling the original operating system that came on the computer as most OEM computers such as Dell, HP, Compaq etc all have built in recovery partitions.

This does depend on whether or not the hard drive has been changed since the computer was originally purchased, but more times than not a good computer shop will make certain they reinstall the original factory image and recovery partition if at all possible. I know we do that as does most every shop I have ever heard of does as well.

At minimum they would use an updated factory or oem image if the recovery partition was not available on your system and most are smart enough to know these days just about every OS out there on most systems is a 64 bit system , unless its just a cheap minimum based computer thats not capable of running a 64 bit OS.

In other words if they truly are a good shop then they would know this and I would see no reason for them to do otherwise. Not saying they didnt do something differently but if they did it tells me they really arent much of a shop.

In all reality and fairness to the repair shop it wouldnt matter whether they installed a 32 bit or 64 bit OS on your computer as there really is not that much difference in how they perform other than a 64 bit system may run a little faster and recognize ram above 3GB, but overall if its say Windows 7 Home Premium, your COA sticker or key would work on either 32 bit or 64 bit.

Thing is however you should absolutely get what you pay for and you shouldnt be overcharged at all. If it were Windows 8 then of course they would know they have to install the exact OS as the key or license is contained within the BIOS and there is no sticker... nothing else would work unless a key was provided, and unless you paid for that key the OS would not be legal at all.

I dont know why they would tell you one price and charge another. I know if we even suspect that our charges will be different than what we quoted we always contact the customer first and get their input. Thats normally how any repair business works, or at least honest ones.

I feel your pain but I do not think Angies List would be held financially responsible for what a company may do to a customer, other than call the company and verify the story and try to work on your behalf if they feel you were wronged somehow. I could be wrong but thats the way I read the terms and conditions. You can always take them to small claims court afterwards dependent upon what they charged you to try and recover any monies. Thing is you probably must pay them in order to get your system back no matter what in most cases, and then seek legal action if you feel it necessary.

But if you know that you have been wronged then by all means be honest in any reviews. That way at least every other would be customer will know.

You can also call Angies List Support Center at 1-888-944-5478.

Hope this helps...

Call center hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:30am – 8:15pm ET
Sat: 8:30am – 3:00pm ET

Answered 4 years ago by mitekcomputers


Sounds like their name is not quite appropriate and they do not know what they are doing - like the other comment says, pretty straight forward, particularly if your hard drive is good and you can just recover to a prior version - whether the factory install version, or just the prior version before your crash (talking Windows systems here, not Mac).

Because they screwed it up in multiple ways, I would take it to someone who knows what they are doing - hoping they did not wipe important files or programs that you do not have the keys for. I would check on that before taking it away, because if they failed to complete the rebuild and made a disk image or such and then erased your hard drive, without that disk image or full file backup you are lost. They shot themselves in the foot trying to charge more than the estimate (hope that was in writing - because you can, if you want to get nasty, charge them with fraud for that because all states have laws requiring prior customer approval before exceeding a written estimate - call the police to recover your computer for you if they will not give it back at no charge. If would imagine they will roll over at that point and just be glad to get rid of your and your machine.

I will have to admit you kept them going a lot longer than I would have - the second time they questioned it being a 64 bit system I would have told them they are incompetent and taken it elsewhere (if I did not do all my computer repairs myself) - because checking the system config and chip config should have taken about 30 seconds to determine whether your computer and OS was 32 or 64 bit. I hateto say it, but another case of a customer leting themselves be strung along FARRR to long.

Also, I would not accept a 32 bit OS if you had 64 bit - according to Microsoft technical data on Windows, not only will 64 bit optimized programs run about 58-82% faster on the 64 bit version, but if you run graphics intensive or very large programs the 64 bit version can address far more memory, which can result in much faster graphics-intensive operation. In fact, a 64 bit only program will most likely not even run on a 32 bit OS, or only very sluggishly if it does.

If you havae a Plus or Prime membership, you could ask Al to contat them with their dispute resolution program, especailly if you found them on Al - just the threat of bad review on Al or getting a D or F rating or getting kicked off AL might get them to give it back with no charge.

Of course, after all this is over, including small claims court if necessary, sounds like an appropriate review is in order, once you cool off to below the boiling point.

Answered 4 years ago by LCD



Give a negative review & story on Angies List, then consider if it's worth to pay for these reviews any longer or if free reviews elsewhere will do

Begin a complaint at the local BBB about this company - they offer free arbitration that can be elected to be binding

You can also post negative reviews on many social websites, e.g. Google maps, Yelp, too many to list

Small cliams court is open to anyone and also is publically a search forum for others researching this company

Personally, I would thereafter take any money reimbursed and shop a new computer. You'll find your printer software will be easier than ever to self install. Many computer sales offer to transfer files, set up the system so you have no connection problems in the way of getting back to work pronto. Check your local BBB before buying computer + such a service.

Answered 4 years ago by tgivaughn

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