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Question DetailsAsked on 4/18/2012

can a severly broken tooth be fixed, or does it have to be extracted?

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3 Answers


go to a doctor to find out

Answered 8 years ago by captain obvious


Only a dentist can answer this - no one here can see your teeth or x-rays

Answered 8 years ago by help1968


Seriously, extracted?

What - do we live in the 17th Century?

Many dentists do the cheap and easy thing, they slobber globs of amalgam onto or into your teeth. This discolors them, causes the enamel to crack and even become brittle. Some people are very sensitive to poisonous Amalgams. I kept telling one dentist "No more Amalgam" on every visit, but after half a dozen visits where he did a single root canal - in multiple visits so he could charge my "plan" for half a dozen extra visits, he put an amalgam in, and he had to hold me down after I felt that "squish" of metal insertion. I tried to escape, but he was yanking the skin around my mouth, almost ripping the skin from my face to keep me sitting in the chair! I was in tears from the pain!!!

People seem to have a "tolerance" for amalgam. Some claim nthey are unaffected by it. Such as my mother, who suffered swollen legs for decades and more recently, a heart attack. For some peoplke, an extra amalgam is enough to make you sick, really sick. People have reported the sudden onset of Parkinsons, or other neuro-muscular problems. I became sick with many different symptoms - for eight months after that amalgam was forced into my tooth. From that evening, I developed a multitude of medical symptoms - the first three were: gum redness and pain, severe insomnia, and severe high blood pressure (even though I was on three Blood Pressure Meds, suddenly my formerly "under control" blood pressure became "out of control" right after the new amalgam was put in my tooth.)

This wasn't my first amalgam, I had about sixteen or seventeen of them, but it WAS the first "new amalgam" in 22 years. And it was a huge blob of one - way larger than it needed to be. He ground down the tooth after the root canal was finished and made the amalgam as large as possible - I think, "just to spite me".

Later on, despite my going to five other dentists in my "plan", each who X-rayed the aching tooth,with its new amalgam, and stated that it looked "fine". Pretty soon, though my toes turned red and looked "broken", and my right foot and ankle swelled up - sending me to the Emergency Room. In the following months I developed: arthritis, gout, even heart attack symptoms and pains, and a diagnosis of kidney cancer. Before that amalgam was finally removed eight months later, I had experienced over 30 "sudden onset" medical symptoms that came and went, and repeated mysteriously - until that nasty amalgam was removed! Still, the bad symptoms didn't stop at that time, but I noticed that they continued much more slowly - at intervals of about two months each, instead of every 4-5 days.

AMALGAM (the silver looking fillings) are typically 70 percent mercury - a banned substance, so dangerous, that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers - that when you have Amalgam in your mouth it is a TOXIC WASTE. As such, the EPA directs all Funeral Homes,must remove these teeth containing poisonous AMALGAM before they put you in your coffin, or in the ground.

At another dentist, the following year, I had another tooth - which was a live tooth, which also had an amalgam filling. This dentist was removing the amalgam, but first she had "banded" the tooth tightly. Upon removal of the poisonous and cracked amalgam, the tooth itself crumbled - in part due to the tight metal band. Now this tooth was broken, about 1/3rd to 1/2 of the tooth was gone.

But, she had a CEREC machine. A CEREC-3, possibly the newest version - and within 20 minutes, the tooth was restored. The amalgam was removed, and a ceramic restoration was put in its place. CEREC uses a camera, computer software, and computer controlled milling machine, doing work on a ceramic restoration. No expensive multi-piece crown, or temp filling, or root canal, or work that took months.

Yes, I did consider it "very expensive" (>$500) for my tastes, but apparently - that is 1/2 to 1/3rd the cost of a complicated crown, which often contains metal such as: stainless steel, or gold, and takes multiple dentist appointments. And CEREC didn't take weeks, and it was painless! Yes, she used a little too much glue when installing the ceramic restoration, which gushed out and solidified so hard she couldn't remove it with a "diamond floss". While this may lead to problems at some point, no problems so far, almost two years later.

Taken from the web (I corrected the mis-spellings):

What is CEREC?
CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This means we can quickly and economically restore damaged teeth using a durable ceramic material that matches the natural color of other teeth in your mouth.
What advantages does CEREC offer me?
First and foremost, the restoration can be performed in a single session, usually in about one hour. With CEREC there is no need for us to make an impression and send it to a lab. We won't inconvenience you by asking you to return for a second visit.
Secondly, the restoration is natural looking, because it is made of tooth colored ceramic material. It's metal free - no silver fillings to discolor your smile! the ceramic material is compatible with tissue in your mouth and is high-grade, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant. It allows us to be extremely precise and save more of the healthy part of
your tooth.

(I don't have any connection to whatever company makes the CEREC machines or software, I just have one of the restorations in my mouth!)


Answered 8 years ago by slbender

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