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Question DetailsAsked on 6/9/2011

do gutter guards work?

I would like to hear from anyone that has gutter guards installed on their house. How do you like them? Do the gutters ever need cleaning out or become plugged up? I am thinking about having them installed on my house, but have heard that they are not what is advertised and they do require the gutters to be cleaned out over time.

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7 Answers


We have had Gutter Helmets installed for about 10 years, and also have commercial-sized downspouts, which are slightly larger in diameter than typical residential downspouts (you would never notice they were larger unless you were already aware of it). We never need to clean the gutters! They work well.

The only downside is that roof replacement will be a little more complex, and we are due for that soon...

Answered 9 years ago by DRM


We had Gutter Helmets installed on our prior home, which was in a wooded area. We loved them; never had to clean our gutters in the 10 years we lived there -- prior to the install they needed constant cleaning. I believe there was a corner that wasn't draining correctly so they came out and made an adjustment. On another occasion our gutter was clogged and we had to have them back out and were told that a bird had made its way into the gutter and built a nest -- they removed the nest. The product came with a very good guarantee, so we never had to pay when they came back out since it was within the warranty period.

I will add that my mother had them and did not like them -- don't know if she had the Gutter Helmet or another brand. I'm not sure what the issues were, but I remember she always complained of the large icicles that formed in the winter, so I'm assuming the problems were with improper drainage.

Answered 9 years ago by Patty


I am a gutter cover dealer in Ne & Iowa. I sold with Gutter Topper over $3million worth of business, & then switched to LeafFilter. All reverse curve systems will clog (gutter helmut,topper, LeafGuard etc) The best of em have a service clause to come clean your gutters If the dealer is still in business. LeafFilter, & the latest ( by same inventor) MasterShield work on the concept of a micro stainless steel filtering system,,100 times smaller than shingle grit or pine needles. They take everything out of the water except the water and throw debris on the ground. The largest difference between the two systems is the mounting angle,, LeafFilter is a Shelf (ie flat) and requires periodic brushing off. MasterShield is pitched on an angle barely under first shingle and stainless steel screwed to Your existing gutters. It self cleans with the wind and comes with an no nonsense Lifetime warrantty that says if the gutter clogs you get 100% of your money back. Ice can be a problem with any gutter cover system but saying that, I have installed numerious MasterShield systems with very few complaints about snow or ice. For the most part your house acts as if there are no gutters at all. Think its too good to be true,, go to Bestcovery , Ask the Builder, American Green Building Council , Consumer Reports or Bottom Line Secrets,, Nuff Said Jim Casper


Answered 9 years ago by jccasper


The latest and greatest MasterShield now has a heated version for those who dont like ice hanging from their gutters. Only since Feb 2012. Uses 5 watt per foot temperature controlled heat cable,, Buy 100 feet of protection and get 80 feet of no ice. Why not the full 100 feet cable? It has to plug into outside outlet and go up one of your downspouts to get to the roof,, Santa Claus reccomends this,, And Mrs Claus says anyone with it gets extra nice presents,,


Answered 8 years ago by jccasper


Twelve years ago I got new gutters and guards. These were semi-rigid, flat perforated plastic strips that clicked into place without nails or screws. They were very inexpensive too, from Home Depot. They all stayed in place despite 2 tropical storms hitting them, along with heavy northeast snow.

Bottom line is: Yes they did a good job of keeping leaves out, especially on my low angle roof. Now finally after 12 years, enough dirt and weed seeds made their way in through the perforations...and I have weeds growing out of the gutters. Looks like I'm growing a garden on the edge of the roof.

I'm glad I didn't invest in those fancy expensive gutter guards, as my cheap guards did the job for a long time. Now it's time to bite the bullet and have them removed and gutters cleaned manually.

Answered 7 years ago by Guest_94363501


While there are many gutter covers on the market today back in the mid-90's I began my search to see which product worked best not only to handle all the debris that comes out of the trees surrounding my home but to handle the heavy weight of ice and snow. My home is completely surrounded by Silver Maples and a few pine trees. The Silver Maples are one of the dirtiest trees in that in addition to the leaves in the fall there are brown bud-covers that come off in the early spring followed by green tassels and finally the seeds that many people call whirly-gigs or helicopters. All of this is in addition to the fact that whenever it’s windy I spend 15 to 20 minutes picking up dead twigs and small branches.

Having fought the fight for over 20 years my research led me to a product that is customized to fit your homes gutters and not compromise your roofs warranty. After many days and hours researching on the internet and viewing the products first-hand I found that only one system had actually passed not one but two independent testing firms one of which tested for debris infiltration and water flow while more extensive testing was performed by another independent testing firm in Dade Country Florida which is known to have the most stringent building codes in the country. The first independent testing agency is probably the most well-know consumer-testing magazine. It rated the Gutter Topper product as the number one solid metal gutter cover. The second agency in Dade County Florida tested not only for debris infiltration and water flow but also for high wind situations including weight bearing capabilities since it is the heavy weight of ice and snow up here in the northern climates that does the most damage to gutter systems. Gutter Topper passed all of their tests with flying colors. No lift or movement of the panel under 110mph winds and also held 1,200 lbs. of weight per square foot.

Screens allow seeds and debris to filter into the gutters and eventually trees start to grow while micro-mesh systems do temporarily work they fail once the very small dirt particles – smaller than hair follicles gets caught in mesh which then acts like a bridge to flowing water and causes the water to run over the gutter and onto the ground.

Other metal covers use brackets spaced every several feet to support their cover. These systems don’t or have very little structural support between the clips and are then defeated by the heavy weight of ice dams in the winter. These systems also have an open slot between the top lip of the gutter and the front nose of the cover that allows some birds to enter and build nests.

During my research I found that the Gutter Topper system included what they call a Bird Guard system that prohibits birds from entering through the front opening. Basically, their system is fastened by what is know as stainless steel zip screws to the front of your entire gutter and then is custom bent to match the pitch of your roof giving it a much lower profile so that it blends into your roofs eave edge. The back part of the panel is then slid under the second course of shingles and deck screwed down under the shingles with stainless steel deck screws.

My research has also found that of all the systems on the market they all require some kind of maintenance. While most fail within a season or two the independent testing proved a handful would work with the realization that occasionally you’ll have to spray them off with a garden hose.

In the end I chose to have Gutter Topper installed on my home back in the early 2000’s while my parents had theirs installed back in 1998. Both systems are still working today however; recently I decided to add the Heated Gutter Topper system to the critical areas of my home to prevent icicles from forming over entryways.

Be smart. Do your research including reading the many reviews in about the businesses that install the gutter covers but remember only one system passed not one but two independent tests which is the main reason I have it installed on my home.

Answered 5 years ago by ScottDennison


Gutter guards can separate debris and water to some extent. But if there is too much waste along with water, then it becomes difficult to keep the gutters clean. Even with the gutter guards installed.

But it is good to have gutter guards installed. This way, the gutter stays much cleaner. You will notice that you have to clean your gutters less often due to the gutter guards. But they don’t promise to keep your gutters completely clean. You will need to keep checking your gutters time to time, especially when there is a high amount of leaves falling because that’s when the gutters clog more often.

Don’t install a gutter guard with an intention that your gutter will never clog. Just be sure that your channel won’t clog as much as before.


Answered 6 months ago by cindydrncova

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