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Question DetailsAsked on 4/25/2017

how canI prove my neighbor is making/smoking either crack or meth

the smell is strong. burns my chest and nose and leaves a odd taste in my mouth. can only smell a smoke scent for a few minutes and then a chemical like smell. this is ongoing morning noon and night. cops have been here in my apt but they claim they don't smell anything. it's like u have to be in my apt for a while to sense the burning feeling and the taste. I think i'm so sensitive to it now because this has been going on for 3 months and the landlord isn't helping any. who can I get to come and help me asap? this has been bothering my breathing and I'm having to use my inhaler more frequently

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6 Answers


Not addressing the personal safety issues if emergency personnel come to your house, and notnecessarily in the order you would choose to try them (perhaps last one first, for example):

1) there are commercial sample kits you can buy (drugstores, Amazon, etc) which you wipe household surfaces (like walls) or collect an air sample, then mail in for testing - for about $25-50 for multi-drug test kits or about $15-20 for single-drug ones.

2) talk to your local inter-agency drug team (usually contact through local district attorney's office) and see if they will test for residual drugs

3) when smell is real strong, especially if this is a chemical smell which you think could be a solvent or such which could be a fire/explosion hazard, call 911 and tell them you suspect a chemical spill or drug lab or such and ask for the fire department because you are afraid of an explosion - if you tell them a drug lab may be involved the police should come with them and make an arrest if they find a drug lab.

4) if your police will not do anything, call the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration) and tell them you suspect a drug lab next door and that your police say they don't smell anything - they may bring a "sniffer" which samples the air for common illegal drugs. It is possible your local police honestly did not smell it and you are just highly sensitive to it - or could be they are in cahoots and getting protection money from the drug dealers.

5) it could be you are sensitized to it with prolonged exposure, especially if you already have allergies or respiratory issues (assuming so because of the inhaler) - some drugs can cause sensitization with prolonged exposure. It might be if regular DIY kit testing does not turn anything up, you may need to contact an Environmental health company (one that deals in hazardous waste situations and building-induced respiratory issues) to come take air samples and then take back to the lab for GC/MS (gas chromotograph / mass spectrometer) or similar analysis - commonly about $500 though for the collection and the testing combined. They might pick up solvents used in drug processing, or if a company that also does drug testing for companies or government agencies might have the profiles and chemicals to test for specific illegal drugs too.

6) I am probably going to be jumped all over here for sexism, but if you have a friend (most likely male for this sort of thing) who has experience working around painting and workshops and such, ask for a visit and sniffing around to see if he (or she) can identify the chemical smell - home drug labs commonly use hexane or hydrogen peroxide and bleaches, and acetone or similar solvents, etc in the ddrug processing - someone with experience working with various solvents and cleaners might recognize the smell - which would then strengthen your complaint with the drug unit.

7) Other option - see if your landlord will let you out of your lease prematurley without a penalty and move out, especially if you think retribution is possible or that the landlord may be getting paid off by drug dealers/manufacturers to let them stay there.

Answered 3 years ago by LCD


Thank you for this question. Been experiencing the same problem starting around the same time. I have contacted many agencies with similar results. Tried having air tested Because I too have medical problems. The government agencies seem to be the hinderance.

Answered 7 months ago by Guest_9724116


for over 4yrs ive had this horrible smell like rotten egg smell or something dead. burns throat the smell is awful makes me feel depressed and confused. everything points to meth. this comes from the apt below me. skirting boards floor and even my windows. its a complete nitemare

Answered 7 months ago by stabby


I am having the same problem and have been to the hosopital 9 times since these neighbors moved in on either side of me. I can smell it coming straight from their walls. The poiice have been here when it smells harrendous and they just deny any smell at all. I look at them in wonder, so I am at the end of my rope and due to the chemicals this past ssummer i went into heart failure.

I have been putting up with these chemical smells since Jan 2018 with no help from the landlord or the police. There is no where for me to go and no one to listen. I do wish someone would come and help me. the fumes wake me at 3 in the morning and then I'm in a state of emergency trying to get dressed and get out. I've been terribly sick from it all, but there is no one to listen. Hard to believe that no one in law enforcement is interested, but because I live in a senior community they think older people don't make drugs.

Make no mistake these people are wreecking havoc on my belongings and on my health with their chemical pollution. I'm almost 72 years old and it seems if people are making drugs then you have a bad problem, and no one is going to help you.

I feel for your situation as i am suffering tremendously . And now that I have complained and yelled about it too many times, the landlord has made up false accusations against me and is trying now to evict me on false charges . So be careful what you complain about, as the law iit seems, is leaning with the criminal when it come to drug making. So sorry anyone is subject to any kind of drug activity.

Answered 6 months ago by SLH


I don't have an answer for you as I am going through the same thing and have even been threatened by police and told I need to move by them and the drug task force. Now my landlord(government housing) is attempting to evict me with false charges also. I have called the FBI, The DEA, the TBI, etc. So far I get the run around. Go to the media. Beg for help! It's a nightmare and my health and my son's health are being ruined by the people that are supposed to take care of this kind of problem. Our society has gone straight to hell. I'm sorry everyone for your pain. It's my pain too. Pray if you do pray. Somehow this nonsense has to stop. Destroying innocent people is BS!

Answered 5 months ago by cripplescanfly


I may have another answer for you concerning the neighbors that are making you sick. Contact your local District Attorney and tell him/her your story. Also look up who your state Attorney General is and call them. They have a consumer division if you are renting, and you can file a complaint on your landlord. If you live in HUD property(Section 8, Public Housing, etc.) you can also google file complaint with HUD and be directed to help. Keep calling and don't stop until you find someone. Take a stand on your own behalf.....keep calling. Call the Beaureau of Investigation in your state. In mine, it's the TBI. Call the DEA. Submit it online if you want. Call the FBI. Keep pushing. The more we let them get away with, the more they will do. Good luck to all of you and I pray that our situations will be resolved. If I find more info.....I will share!

Answered 5 months ago by cripplescanfly

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